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Celebrating Lotsa Helping Hands

When your health fails you — where can you turn for help beyond the church or your immediate family or the hospital — to help you manage your care?  One source of power is a free online community called “Lotsa Helping Hands” that helps coordinate caregiving.

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A Less Bitter Pill To Swallow, Naturally

I have always been wary of the medicine-as-candy notion — that medicine could taste like anything other than something unpleasant, something to avoid if possible seems alien to me. It may have something to do with the fact that when I was a child, my family was visiting with friends and they had Children’s Tylenol — only when I came across them, I thought they were candy because they looked like candy, were chewable like candy and were definitely sweet!

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War Pulls the Piss Out of You

War is pretty nasty and we’ve had most of the gory details from Iraq and Afghanistan hidden from us — but, ever so slowly — the ugly truths are starting to be revealed, and the AP ran a story yesterday about American troops getting their genitalia blown off.

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How to Know a Good Man

If we were to have a mascot for this Scientific Aesthetic blog where the Arts and Science converge, it would undoubtedly be the visage of the medically trained essayist, poet philosopher and Harvard professor — and brother of Henry and Alice and son of Henry, Sr.William James.

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A Stumbling Patch in Jersey City

On my daily walk along the streets of Jersey City, I see happiness, I hear laughter — and sometimes — I am a witness to death.  This week, the weather here has been exceptionally punishingly hot, and when I stepped out into 99 degrees of a steaming, urban, core, I wanted to get my walk over quickly and efficiently.

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The Humanities Medical Doctor

Several years ago, I had the pleasure and the honor to teach the humanitarian side of Public Health policy at a major, East Coast, medical school.  My students were talented, trained, gifted, and unbelievably strong and well-educated.

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Speak Louder, I Can't Hear You Over My Erection!

There’s a Devil’s Bargain in that little blue pill.  Sure, we knew Viagra could cause blue vision in exchange for sexual pleasure, but who knew the Devil would take a second bite of our withering masculinity to cause hearing loss as well?

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