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All Performers are Broken

All performers are broken in some unique, profound, way. They seek to heal their broken minds and bodies by becoming someone else and by believing in something other than their own misery.

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Google Reader Trends Knows

Do you read news and blogs on the web via an RSS client? If yes, what RSS reader do you use?

I use Google Reader to watch my information because it is easy to use, it integrates with my iGoogle start page really well, and it beats the pants off every other RSS reader I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all.
Which sites do you read every day?

How many articles do you read per week? Do you share with others what you find? We know Google follows our Web History and knows our Search Wants — but are you aware if you use Google Reader you are also able to see how Google tracks your RSS trends? 

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Should We Challenge Beliefs?

Should we challenge beliefs we do not share, or should we accept the beliefs of others as in situ realities even though beliefs are, by definition, not framed by facts? 

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The Difference Between a Writer and a Co-Writer

Is there a difference between being a “writer” and a “co-writer” on a book or other project?
Aren’t both “co-authors” actually “authors” — and if they are — why add the “co-” before the action?
Does “co-” share the wealth or spread the blame?

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Activating Racial Stereotypes

During the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, attorney Johnnie Cochran — who used his magnificent mind to defend the indefensible and paid the wages of sin with an inoperable brain tumor — claimed during that awful trial it was Racist to identify a Black man by voice alone.
Do you agree with Cochran or not?

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