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Big Thinkers

The word requires Big Thinkers.

The job of the Big Thinker is to sit around and tinker with ideas and connect them with opposite thoughts and unheard of notions.

Connecting the dots where most people see only white space is what sets the Big Thinker apart from the meandering mind that merely sits and waits for instruction on living while the world spins around them.

Big Thinkers set agendas, create visions, and make the notion of a darkening world a brighter place.

Honor big thoughts by confirming your interest in, and your desire of, changes that improve humanity instead of leaving us rotting in the status quo.

The Last Realm of the Human Mind

The last realm of the human mind is one of sexuality and gender identification. Are we our chromosomes? Or are we our genitalia?

What makes a boy? What makes a girl? What makes us universally human? Does gender conform to stereotypes — or are our preconceived notions influenced by gender?

When one has “genital reassignment” surgery — is one changing their sex or confirming it?  Does it matter that answering that question matters to some?

How can we remove gender bias in the human equation?  Is that a problem we need to solve?

The Value of Urban Dreams

In Recognizing the Uncommon Mind we discussed dreams and their associated value in living:

You’re right about dreaming. It is important for children. When those dreams reach beyond the family dynamic, however, those very dreams become dangerous.

One of my favorite assignments for my new writing students is a research project involving their parents.

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