Raising an Eyebrow at Cigar Dolls

From a young age, we learn that when it comes to marketing, nothing sells better than sex. Whether it is cars, clothing, or PETA, just draping an attractive person (most usually a woman) over whatever it is that the advertiser wants you to buy brings a lot of attention to that thing — albeit in the case of PETA, much of the attention has been fairly negative.

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Sharia Law and Censoring NSFW Link Shorteners

Are you offended by the image below of a bare-knuckled woman with naked arms drinking from a Beck’s beer bottle?  vb.ly is a link shortening service that takes NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content and “safe-ifies” it by giving an SFW — Safe(r) For Work — link to click.  Unfortunately, for vb.ly, the “.ly” domain belongs to Libya, and Libya is a country that adheres to Sharia:  Islamic Law — and Libya doesn’t want any booze-holding, tatted chicks riding their domain anywhere near NSFW territory.

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Calgary Transit Bans Naked Baby

Calgary Transit doesn’t want naked babies on its advertising billboards. 
Especially one that is 16 feet long, smeared in blood and with its umbilical cord in plain view. 

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Miley Cyrus Bucks Naked

Miley Cyrus appeared semi-nude in the recent edition of Vanity Fair magazine.  Instead of owning her behavior, she instead blamed the photographer and the magazine for exploiting the nude back of her blossoming, nubile, 15-year-old body.

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Jennifer Aniston's Slutty Nudie Layout

Jennifer Aniston has always had the same problem as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Beard:  Great body, unfortunate face.  Now, as Aniston faces 40 — and as her face falls even further — she strips for GQ magazine to reveal her naught bits for profit and publicity. 

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Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

I was in a Duane Reade store recently, waiting in line, when a man who was ahead of me made it clear that he could not be any less happy with the store. He said that he had accidentally left his wallet in the store one day while waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy counter and when he called about it, the manager assured him that the wallet was there and that he could come and pick it up.

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