Jennifer Aniston has always had the same problem as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Beard:  Great body, unfortunate face.  Now, as Aniston faces 40 — and as her face falls even further — she strips for GQ magazine to reveal her naught bits for profit and publicity. 

It’s sad to watch the former Friends star stoop so low by rolling around with a couple of naked guys just to get publicity for her new movie.  Why doesn’t Ms. Aniston use her intellect or her earned talents to persuade us of her value for gawking? 

Why does Jennifer choose the sluttiest possible road to grab attention and headlines?  If she is nothing but her body — why must she share that sad, airbrushed, fact with the rest of us?

It’s hard to watch her trying to be funny…

…and then sadly laughing at her own joke.

We understand this is Ms. Aniston’s last hurrah in the skin spotlight — but we wonder how quickly she will realize she was duped into jumping into these nudie layouts — and that all along the joke was really on her.


  1. I am not sure how to react to a naked Jennifer Aniston on a sunday morning David, but I expected her to be a bit more sensible than this…

  2. It was a sad shock, Katha. I think she’s feeling her age and the decline of her career and she made a desperate move to get some “heat” coming for her career. Unfortunately, she made herself look foolish and forlorn.

  3. We have a phrase in the UK – “Making hay while the sun shines” – in her case capitalizing on her body while she can. It is a sad reflection that she can make more money that way than she can by using her intellect.

  4. I love that saying, Nicola, and you’re spot on. Aniston was left behind by the Brad/Angelina love match and there is no keeping up with them. So, instead of getting married and having children and bringing good into the world through adoption and charity work, she fought for her turn in the spotlight by stripping. How unfortunate.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I’m so tired of hearing that this loser is America’s Sweetheart. She’s more like America’s Sad Slut.

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