Wall-E is now out on Blu-ray DVD and it is a spectacular movie experience.  The story is timeless, universal, and humanistic in devotion and intention.  The Los Angeles Film Critics Association rightly named Wall-E Best Picture of 2008.

The greatest gift of Wall-E isn’t in the environmental message embedded in its robot love story — the surprise is just how much of a “Deaf Movie” Wall-E is in its use of American Sign Language memes and Deaf Community values to communicate. 

Wall-E is packed with silences of meaning, fantastic use of FacialExpression and bodies in space and time creating intention and context.  The use of hands as tools of expression makes the entire idea of ASL HandShapes clear and concise in execution.

If you are a student of ASL, you must watch Wall-E to learn how to get your point across without using English sentence structure or fingerspelling.  The silent body is everything.

There are two extras on the Blu-ray DVD.  One is — “Burn-E” — a welding robot caught in the mix of the Wall-E and Eve love story.  The way Burn-E communicates with the world around him is another excellent expression of memeingful, Deaf, communication.

The most outstanding extra is a little bitty called “Presto” — a hungry rabbit wants his carrot — and you won’t stop laughing.  The FacialExpression and body movement are sublime.  You will laugh as you learn how to communicate thoughts and ideas with your eyes, fingers, lips and forehead. 

You will fall in love with that beautiful bunny named Alec.  You root for him.  You laugh with him.  You’re hungry for a carrot until the final, funny, and bitter end!

Get the Wall-E Blu-ray DVD right now!  It will be the best the best bit of change you spent in a long while.  You’ll learn while you laugh.  You’ll comprehend while you cry.  You will understand the intricacies of human, whole-body, communication while you press the rewind button to watch it all over again.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the movie David, it seems like an experience!
    I was not at all aware of it…on the “look…” already…

  2. I’m not a big fan of computer animation, Katha, but Wall-E is the exception. It is a delightful movie and an important one. I am so glad I decided to buy the Blu-ray DVD.

  3. Loved the movie, David! It’s true, for a long time in the first half it’s simply silent cinema genius!
    Looks like I must check out the DVD just for the extras!

  4. Dananjay —
    Yes, the “robot communication” is all visual and physical with a few English blurps later on…
    The real genius is in the Blu-ray additions. They’re magnificent. It’s too bad they had to be extras and not celebrated as standalone pieces.

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