From a young age, we learn that when it comes to marketing, nothing sells better than sex. Whether it is cars, clothing, or PETA, just draping an attractive person (most usually a woman) over whatever it is that the advertiser wants you to buy brings a lot of attention to that thing — albeit in the case of PETA, much of the attention has been fairly negative.

In the world of cigars, one of the most important things that is done is selecting the right leaves of tobacco and properly rolling it so that it is smokable — not too tight yet not too loose. People actually hire professional cigar rollers to come to their parties and roll cigars for the guests.

The cigar rollers are well schooled in the art of rolling cigars and some people who do it have done it for their entire professional life. There is a certain precision that is necessary to make really good cigars. Imagine my surprise, or perhaps the lack of surprise given how sex seems to be everywhere in this modern life, when I found out that there is something called a “Cigar doll.”

What is a cigar doll? Cigar dolls work for organizations similar to the ones that get cigar rollers to parties, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of being men in their late sixties that have decades of experience rolling cigars, they are women that are perhaps in their twenties at most and have as much experience rolling cigars as they have experience strutting around the parties wearing skimpy outfits.

Looking at sites for cigar dolls makes me wonder if anybody is out there really taking them seriously. Like people who say that they read Playboy for the informative articles, people who hire the cigar dolls to come to their parties and roll cigars are not interested in professional cigar rolling or getting people to roll their cigars that have years of experience.

I am more than a bit disappointed that something like the Cigar Dolls exists but as I mentioned, I am not too surprised. I wonder how long it will be before we will see more career opportunities get “doll” versions — there already is the Naked News Network. Will we start seeing private university tutors that gyrate against you as they remind you of the quadratic formula? I most certainly hope not.


    1. From the Cigar Dolls site : “Male cigar rollers are dressed in authentic Cuban or Dominican formalwear” — yes, whereas the Cigar Dolls look like they are about to visit Hugh Hefner.

  1. Which brings to mind a venture that was started in Tulsa. I can’t recall the name of the establishment now, but the venue was in title a barbershop, with the same type of employees. I was stunned.

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