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Panopticonic Defines Salon Magazine

We know “Panopticonic” is not really a word.  “Panopticonic” is really a “word” I invented for my Boles Network Blog by the same name.  When I started the Panopticonic blog, “Panopticonic” appeared nowhere on the internet and that word failed to return any results in a Google search.  I do so love it so, though, when I get a Google Alert in my Inbox showing me that — “Panopticonic” — is being colloquially employed as a “real world” in a real publication like Salon Magazine.

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Blubeekuss is Not a Word

One of the most annoying things in an allegedly literate human world is when a person invents a word for a word that already has meaning and context and then tries to press that definition into others in everyday use.  I’m not talking about words like “Memeingful” or “RelationShaping” or even the colossal “Panopticonic” — all of which have base value in an original colloquial expression — no, I’m talking about “words” like “Blubeekuss” that are made up to be a synonym for “bra.”

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UC Berkeley Requires Freshman DNA Samples

In a strange, and somewhat unsettling, want to welcome Freshman and transfer students — while also, it seems, starting their own private human genome database of admitted genius thinkers — UC Berkeley is requiring the collection of DNA samples.

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MIT Gaydar Golden Recipe

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is watching you.  They’re following you on the social networks and making note of your friends.  MIT also has divined if you’re Gay or not — based solely on who your friends are and what relationships they have besides yours.

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The Definition of Panopticonic

When I started this Panopticonic blog on November 27, 2008, there was no such word as “Panopticonic” in the world. I invented the meaning of the idea and applied it to an invented word.
I created “Panopticonic” to give this blog a unique meaning in an identifiable niche.

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Panopticonic Consumerism or Mad Marketing?

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

The journalist Pete Warren noted in an article for The Guardian (UK) earlier this month that Google have duly noted, anticipated and are working toward solving the major problem that exists in attempting to link mobile Internet technology, social networking and online advertising. Google have developed their Orkut social networking application specifically for mobile phones – and so hope to dominate the most powerful form of advertising yet commercially developed – and in future, perhaps the most invasive as well as the most lucrative.

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