When I started this Panopticonic blog on November 27, 2008, there was no such word as “Panopticonic” in the world. I invented the meaning of the idea and applied it to an invented word.
I created “Panopticonic” to give this blog a unique meaning in an identifiable niche.

Here’s the fantastic proof of the power of the invented “Panopticonic” as returned by Google.

I am especially impressed with the SEO links, the Twitter account using
my made up word, and the Reddit link to the “Panopticonic Media War.”

I feel divinely imitated!

“Panopticonic” is doing well and I predict that word and meaning will certainly outlive me — and that’s the whole point of invention, right?


  1. David! Google, Bing, Twitter…the world, the known and perhaps unknown universe….WOW! Perhaps you will be more than immortal if there is such a possibility? Hmmm.

  2. It has often been said the secret to living a spectacular human life is to become immortal… and then die… without leaving a trace of you behind. With the internet and its data bits, we always leave a bit of residue wherever we land.

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