Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Fail Fail Fail

On December 27, 2009, Domino’s Pizza threw out their old pizza recipe and, they claim, invented a whole new taste experience.  Yesterday, I suspending my eating morality for two seconds and took a bite of the “new and improved” Domino’s — cheese only — pizza to see just how much had changed with the iconic pizza of my childhood. 

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A Killer Sells Pizza: The Jokers on Dominos

“The Dark Knight” — the new Batman movie — make $155 million over the weekend.  One cannot help wondering what sort of message the movie reflects in us considering its vast amounts of spilled guts, buckets of blood and unmitigated gore.  How do we contend with the strange, inhuman, joy found in the shared popularity of public killings?

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McMenamins and The Kennedy School

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

When I was a kid and we took a long road trip from New Jersey to sunny Orlando, Florida for our first visit to Walt Disney World, one of my parents made an observation about strip malls.
No matter where we went, it seemed, the stores were pretty much the same. They were the same on the outside and the same on the inside. What a peculiar thing, I thought. At home we had such stores as The Princeton Record Exchange and dozens of other small stores – owned and operated by individuals or small groups of people, not large corporations.

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Deaf Services Used for Hearing Profit

The Deaf in America are, many times, unable to make a text phone call via the internet because Hearing teenaged pranksters and professional foreign scammers are using the service instead. IP Relay allows a Deaf person to go to a website and place a phone call by typing in the phone number they want to call. A live Operator will dial the call and then voice whatever the Deaf person types and also type whatever is spoken back in response to the Deaf caller.

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Nigger Tax

As a Pasty White Boy from Nebraska, I was shocked to find out a few years ago that I am, indeed, a Nigger.

I was schooled in this several years ago by a young Black man in the Bronx, New York. He taught me why being perceived and labeled a “Nigger” doesn’t always have to do with the color of your skin but it has everything to do with power and an attempt to enforce obedience.

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Pizza Crust

by Joyce Kohl

Pizza Crust Source: Go Inside™
This recipe created for Pizza crusts, but is also good as rolls or loaves.
Servings: Ingredients:
4 Pizza Crusts 2 1/2 cups warm water

2 packages Fleischmann’s yeast

1 T salt

1 T butter, melted (or margarine)

7 cups flour, unsifted

  1. Sir yeast into the warm water until it dissolves. Set aside. Melt butter then add to yeast and water. Add salt to the flour, stirring well. Add to water and yeast mixture.
  1. Dough will be sticky. Knead well. Place dough in a well greased bowl, cover with a lid or towel, and let stand in a warm place until dough rises and doubles in size. When ready to make pizza crusts, divide into 4 portions.
  1. Left-over dough can be made into dinner rolls.



by Joyce Kohl

Pizza Source: Go Inside™
This recipe compiled while an Italian chef was making pizza in my kitchen.

It took a lot of experimentation by me to get this right and to write the final recipe.

Servings: Ingredients:
4 Pizzas


Add your favorite toppings


My kids loved sliced hot dogs

(Use GOOD ones!)


No need to let bread rise.


Bake any left over dough in a bread pan.

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 green pepper, chopped or sliced

1/4 cup cooking oil

2 15-ounce cans tomato sauce and bits

1/2 can water

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

about 2 tsp salt

some pepper to taste

1 tsp garlic powder

few sprinkles oregano

few sprinkles parsley flakes

cheddar cheese, grated

mozzarella cheese, grated

1 pizza dough recipe made and set aside

See Pizza Crust recipe in this same area

toppings: Pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, black olives

corn meal

  1. Saute onion and green pepper in oil until tender. Siphon off the oil. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook on a medium heat until oven is preheated to 450 degrees.
  1. Take 1/4 of the bread dough. Roll out and fit into a lightly greased pizza pan. Add some corn meal to coat the pan, dumping the excess. Put 1/4 of the pizza sauce on an uncooked pizza crust. Add toppings. Don’t use too much sausage or hamburger or you’ll end up with too much grease on the pizza.
  1. Bake on middle (or top) shelf until bubbly. About 12 minutes. Remove pizza from oven, add a handful of grated cheddar cheese and at least another handful of mozzarella cheese or more. Return to oven, but this time place the pizza on the lower rack to brown the crust. Bake about another 12 minutes.
  1. If making more than one pizza (I always had to make 4!), prepare the next pizza while one is baking on the top rack and when you add the cheese to the first and put it on the lower rack, put the fresh pizza on top to begin the first 12 minutes of cooking. When pizza number one is done remove from oven and set aside, add toppings to number two, return number two to oven on lower rack, add pizza number 3 to top rack. Cut and serve pizza number one. Prepare number 4 and continue as above.