Predestiny or Free Will?

We have nibbled around the idea of predestiny here before but I have never formally asked you outright — as I shall now — for your official answer to this inquiry:

Are our lives predestined from the moment of conception or are we creatures of free will from birth where every decision we make is ours and ours alone?

How Men Interpret Prices

This message is a public service for women who wonder why men are “unable” to properly “read” price tags. I do not admit to using any of these pricing schemes but here are some examples I’ve heard about:

Price tag: $4.99 = Men’s Price: $4.00
We always round-down to zero all digits following a decimal point and then we add a penny. We just saved you a dollar! Thank us!

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Epistle for the New Year

Dear Go Inside Magazine Reader —

It’s been a year since we last sat down and talked about the purpose and direction of this magazine. In my last note to you in The January Epistle, I told your our hopes and dreams for 1997. I’m pleased to report that they all came true!

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