Dear Go Inside Magazine Reader —

It’s been a year since we last sat down and talked about the purpose and direction of this magazine. In my last note to you in The January Epistle, I told your our hopes and dreams for 1997. I’m pleased to report that they all came true!

What Happened
We have loads of new sections in GO INSIDE that didn’t exist a year ago and our masthead of quality writers has grown beyond our wildest wishes. We also have five new women on our masthead and getting more women permanently involved in our mission was one of our primary goals a year ago. We need even more women involved with Go Inside on a regular basis and we plan to continue to make that happen this year.

Over a Million and Counting
A year ago we had 519,000 readers a month and as of today’s new sustained and verifiable reader count, we’re at over 1.2 Million Monthly Readers! I fully expect we’ll once again double our readership again in a year if we continue to keep our sacred mission whole:

Serving the Spirit of Humanity While Covering the Web of the World

The dawn of this new year will bring even more changes to GO INSIDE as we plan to continue to set and break new standards of excellence for a virtual, all volunteer, magazine. I won’t name all the changes here since our competition for your attention lives and dies with our every breath and song… so we’ll let them squirm and wonder awhile about our hits in progress and surprise them as we surprise you.

Our Vow
One thing I will share with you now is our vow to continue to bring you stunning new work from undiscovered writers. Get ready to read new sections and make wonderful discoveries about the world that surrounds you. Prepare to be wowed by a virtual magazine with a virtual staff around the very real world — our boundlessness is precisely what defines who we are and what Go Inside continues to stand for internationally:

We Are Everywhere, We Are Jedermann.

Our success is bound to you. Without you, we would have no muscle in the industries in which we cover. Your readership gives us a heavy stick to shake the world to your attention. If you would like to write with us and help us in our mission, touch here. If you would like to become a Premier Member of Go Inside and get email updates on new stories as they appear, strike this. If you have a thought you’d like to share, or a new section you’d like to read or host, finger my name at the head of this story and let me know.

Best Wishes for a Great ’98,

David Boles
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Go Inside Magazine