Why a Sack and a Bag are Synonymous

I never get tired of the “Ye Olde Sack and Bag” comedy routine routinely — for some reason — acted out in my life at least every couple of months and I fall prey to the skit every single time.

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Plastic Clapton Confusion

On February 16, 2010, Eric Clapton joined Yoko Ono on stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to celebrate her 77th birthday and to make a joyful noise with her Plastic Ono Band.

I love this image from the performance.  Clapton is clearly shocked/awed/amazed/bemused by Yoko’s classic screaming-as-singing while her son, Sean, is obviously used to her raggedy voice and just plays along.

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Can Plastic Logic Free Us from Amazon Imprisonment?

I used to be a big fan of the Kindle — until the betraying release of the Kindle DX by Amazon a couple of months after my purchase of the Kindle 2. 
What great news it was to read this week that Plastic Logic teamed up with Barnes and Noble and at&t to bring their eReader to life.

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Has Madonna Broken Her Gender?

Can you believe this is Madonna?

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That’s More Plastic Junk

by Evan Stair

This is not a story about toys, but it starts out that way. It was some twenty-five to thirty years ago and my brothers and I were very excited when the Sears, Wards, and JC Penny Christmas catalogs had arrived. We passed right by the curtains/ bras/ coats/ and hardware sections to reach our favorite part of the catalog: The toys!

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