Can you believe this is Madonna?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was a man pretending to be Madonna!
Is her “Sexual Evolution” changing from the female form to the male?

Or is this a case of plastic surgery gone bad?

In this shot from the cover of her new “Hard Candy” album, she looks more “Madonna-ish” — because she’s hiding those awful facial modifications behind the angle of her hair and hands.

I understand Madonna is now 50 years-old but does that mean you need to age un-gracefully by changing the want of your DNA?

Here’s the Madonna I know and love from history:

Is it possible to ever recapture your youth through intrusive, artificial, means?

Or should we just accept the fate of gravity and the want of wrinkles and live with what was naturally born to us?


  1. I must be the most naive person ever.
    I thought it was all down to good genes, healthy eating, and working out a lot that she looks the way she does. Especially her arms.

  2. One minute she’s writing children’s books and the next she’s posing in provocative bondage- inspired clothing with masculine pecs at age 50.
    You can’t have it both ways. Be taken seriously as a children’s author and then put this out there.
    Not a role model for any child or young woman.
    Clearly she hasn’t a clue who she is and shouldn’t be telling our children anything!
    She disgusts me!!

  3. Hi Gordon! She used to be bumpy and curvy! Now she looks like a stick! Is that attractive? Is her body having a natural evolutionary period? Or is she interfering with the natural process of aging?

  4. Donna! You and me, both! I’ve never understood her appeal. She certainly cannot sing. Her early dancing was merely provocative. Some women find her smashing of gender roles appealing. I find her sort of transparent in order to stay current. Every time we see her she has a different hair style, body shape and now — facial features. To what end? To always be new and never be old? That’s a race that can never be won.

  5. It must be absolutely exhausting, David! To keep up this routine at age 50 and then she still has young children at home. There’s a lot of work involved in maintaining this kind of look! And it’s so unattractive.
    While we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you what former rock icon I thoroughly respect. The gorgeous Grace Slick got out of the music business before age 50 because she thought rock and rollers looked ridiculous past a certain age.
    She now makes a living painting. Here’s a link to how she looks now. Nothing like the Grace Slick of the past but equally beautiful. And oh so refreshing . . .

  6. Hi Donna —
    I’m with you on Madonna. The “new” look of the old Grace Slick is, to me, a little disappointing! I’m not sure if going all natural works for everyone.

  7. It’s a shock to our eyes because we don’t see an older woman looking like this anymore. At a minimum most women Grace’s age are still coloring their hair. She’s 68 now. Can you believe it?
    But I applaud her. I really do.
    It takes a lot of courage. I don’t know if I could be as brave.
    It seems we’ve forgotten what 68 actually looks like . . .

  8. You’re right about that, Donna, and in some sick way, I’m sure some will look at Grace — and what’s become of her — and support the Madonna modifications!

  9. Wowser, indeed, Gordon! What a change! She was such a natural, incredible beauty when she started out and now she’s become some plastic surgeon’s ideal of what a woman should look like. Ick!

  10. Thank you for the link, Gordon!
    That’s quite a retrospective. Especially the Madonna in tube shots. Something to pass onto your children and grandchildren. Perfect for framing!

  11. David,
    by the time we have wrinkles we should’ve learnt to appreciate them. i can’t understand what is forcing madonna to seek out prepackaged expressions of surface youth?

  12. I think Madonna is terrified of being old news. So in order to retain relevancy she has reverted to plastic surgery to keep her look alive. There were several years where she changed her color and hairstyle every time she did a big project and it was just enough to make you stop and take a second look to see if that was really her or not. Now, I think the only changes she has left to make are internal. The structure of her face. The facade of her profile. It’s sort of scary to wonder what’s next!

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