Joe Bonamassa is Back in the Dust Bowl

Joe Bonamassa is back, baby!  We were so thoroughly disappointed in his last album — Black Country Communion — because that effort was so un-Joe-like in execution and expectation and style and tone, but today, Joe sets everything right again with the just-dropped release of: Dust Bowl.

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Puncturing Booty Pop

The other night, I was half-watching television and half-listening to the radio when a commercial popped on the TV screen.  I thought someone had changed the channel from TLC’s newest fetish show, Our Little Lives and I was watching a comedy skit for a new product called “Booty Pop.”

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What a Hillbilly Drinks

I was called a Hillbilly yesterday when I asked for something to drink. No, I wasn’t ordering moonshine. I was ordering something to drink from a New York City street vendor to slake my thirst. The offending word I used was “pop.”

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