The other night, I was half-watching television and half-listening to the radio when a commercial popped on the TV screen.  I thought someone had changed the channel from TLC’s newest fetish show, Our Little Lives and I was watching a comedy skit for a new product called “Booty Pop.”

Alas, my mind was not teasing me and the channel had not changed.  It seems that, yes, you too, can now have a bigger bum without eating all those fatty foods because “Booty Pop” is a real product and I was watching a real commercial for unreal panties. 

I thought women worked hard to reduce the size of their badonkadonk — not make it unnaturally bigger!  I’ve never heard a woman complaining her butt wasn’t big enough!

We’ve gone from padded bras to padded panties and the end of the world
is quickly coming nearer.

The FAQ from the official Booty Pop website is good for a few farts and giggles:

Q: Are the pads removable?
A: No, the pads in Booty Pop panties are strategically placed to create a round, lifted booty.
The advantage of non-removal pads is they stay perfectly in place all the time!

Q: How do you wash BOOTY POP Panties?
A: We recommend that you machine wash your Booty Pop panties on the gentle/delicates cycle in cold water using a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

Q: What is the fabric?
A: Our Booty Pop panties are made from 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex for the perfect comfort and fit!

Q: Is BOOTY POP the panties that Kelly Ripa was wearing on Live with Regis and Kelly?
A: Yes! And Booty Pop panties were worn by co -host Sherri Shepherd on The View, Booty Pop was featured on the Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno .Booty Pop was on Entertainment Tonight fashion editors “must have” list. BOOTY POP has also been featured in many national magazines like Self, Seventeen, In Touch and Life and Style.

There is no way around the notion that Booty Pop is a disgusting and unnecessary product that plays into a false sense of self and exploits those with a poor body image.

Booty Pop offers an artificial solution to a fabricated problem.


  1. What’s next — front bump for men who don’t feel adequate? What a sorry state we have come to when we “need” such solutions.

  2. I’m sure there is already a “man bulge” pair of panties out there somewhere. If these things are meant to tease and entice — what happens when reality strikes in the disrobing? Or are these additions only about faking a look and not establishing any sort of reality?

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