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The future now is here and you can watch it live, weekdays, on! Yes, Janna and I have taken the deep leap into the world of live streaming and we’re here to tell you all about it. The most interesting thing about going live each day is the idea that social media is really nothing compared to social broadcasting. You are your own station. You are your own dream stream.

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Never as Sweet as the Memory

As I get older, I notice that things I once loved, and remembered with a philosophic passion, no longer measure up to the memory in reality. With the resurrection of old TV shows in expanded reruns on new cable channels like MeTV, old childhood favorites like “Wonder Woman” and “The Carol Burnett Show” and “The Incredible Hulk” are bitter comparisons to what they used to be in memory.

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Divorcing the Marriage Ref

The Olympic Gold medal for the worst TV series of 2010 goes to Jerry Seinfeld’s horror of a new show, “The Marriage Ref.”  How did such a cruel and nasty show make it out of production and on broadcast television?

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Puncturing Booty Pop

The other night, I was half-watching television and half-listening to the radio when a commercial popped on the TV screen.  I thought someone had changed the channel from TLC’s newest fetish show, Our Little Lives and I was watching a comedy skit for a new product called “Booty Pop.”

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Life Goes On with Chris Burke

Chioma Uzoigwe wrote this article.

Old stereotypes die hard. These four simple words reflect one of the truest aspects of human nature. It is difficult to erase in peoples’ minds characteristics that are socially proven, per se, to be true of a particular group of individuals. It is even more difficult for people to rid themselves of such ideas when they do not belong to the group they stereotype. Public perception changers, however, have the power to reverse common incorrect views. This paper will show that to be a successful public perception changer an individual must overcome adversity to prove himself as exceptional within the stereotyped group to which he belongs. This paper will additionally show that the power of a public perception changer lies even more greatly in his ability to supercede what mainstream society can do. One such public perception changer is Chris Burke, the star of the hit television show “Life Goes On” (1989-1993). In his lifetime, Chris changed the way the world viewed people with disabilities and broke ground as the first successful actor with Down syndrome to appear in a television series.

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Why I Love Wheel of Fortune

I have loved Wheel of Fortune since it debuted in 1975 with Chuck Woolery as host and Susan Stafford as hostess. Now Pat Sajak and Vanna White serve similar roles.

Wheel of Fortune

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Flickering Images

by Louise O’Brien

The flickering images on the TV screen comforted him. He had long ago stopped hearing the accompanying sounds. He had clung for years to the habit of turning the volume all the way up but he had alienated lots of people that way. Not to mention the number of volume knobs he’d broken. One fell right off the set into his hand from having been turned too many times.

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