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The Actress Dead Zone

If you’re an actress, you already know you face a discriminatory dead zone between the ages of 30-60 years old in the movies and on television.  Some actresses, who truly care about their craft, turn to the live stage to help fill that 30-year career void.

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The Gospel Blues of B.J. Reagon

B.J. Reagon — Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon — is one of those rare SuperGenius talents that cannot be boxed in by mind or musical genre.  Is she a Blues singer?  Is she a Gospel singer?  Is she a Folk singer?

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Know the Muscle

Beware of “The Muscle!”  Know “The Muscle!”  Fear “The Muscle!”

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The Deluxe Nashville Power Tele Review

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your hands around an excellent electric guitar for playing The Blues.  Here’s the first electric I bought — The Deluxe Nashville Power Tele — eagerly acquired after a couple of decades away from my Martin acoustic.  I have the Honey Blonde version seen below on the left and I do love it so.

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Pedaling Bipedals

We can ride in urban chariots, or we can do the right thing and use our own predestined people power to motor us from endpoint to endpoint. 
Take a look at the image below to see how moving 72 people can “shrink the road” and prevent city congestion just by getting on two wheels and pressing our legs forward in circles — and if you will give in to the wiles of public transportation, the savings are even greater:

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The Carceral Culture of Michel Foucault

We owe the idea of Carceral Nation to the genius mind of Michel Foucault and his argument for a growing carceral culture:

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All the Down Days

America is shrinking.  We’re officially in a recession — for the last year without officially knowing it until yesterday — and the influence of the USA abroad is waning and is in danger of completely failing.  Is there really a bits worth of difference between “recession” and “depression” in the eye of the mind?

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