The Ibanez Artcore AG75 Review

Spending $3,000.00USD on a guitar — like the Eric Clapton Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster — can bankrupt a family when somebody just wants to start making music, so I set out to find the best electric guitar that cost 10 times less than the Clapton Custom.  I happened upon the Ibanez Artcore AG75 — the best guitar for the money at $300.00USD — and I invite you to find out why.

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TicketMaster Gags Gaga Fans

I will admit I have not been a fan of Lady Gaga for that long of a time — for the longest time I thought she was less about the substance and more about the style. Then I found out she released her music on vinyl as well as other formats, and everything changed for me. I bought her album “The Fame” and got right into it.

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As Braille Dots Fade, Blind Illiteracy Builds

We know when an economy sours, the first to suffer are the children and the disabled. As technology ascends, we also see the rapid deceleration of literacy. Instead of full words, we get text speak. Instead of logical arguments, we are flooded with irrational comments. Instead of the Blind reading books in Braille, they “learn by listening” to audio books instead — and become illiterate in the process: The Blind can hear and respond sound, but they are unable to argue against to what they hear in written form.

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The High Price of Fun

Why is the price of fun today — if you’re a novice and just trying to become an amateur — is at least a thousand dollars in upfront costs if you want to do it right?

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I am a Plumber Not a Painter

In one of my many lives, I am a Script Doctor — but I call myself a Script Professor because I think that editorial and writing process should be evolutionary and not surgical if you really want to provide an everlasting value for the money spent.

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Think Before You Order

by Joyce Kohl

Do you order from catalogs? Or TV specials? Or the Internet? If you do, then are you aware of the shipping and handling costs tacked on to every single order? I’m a catalog junkie, and I’ve been known to order things from the hyped television ads, too. Last night I was watching a great stand-up comedy program on one of our cable channels and at the end of it was a comic commercial for ordering a VCR tape of the best of comic acts. The tape was a mere $14.95. Shipping and handling was $6.50.

Yeah, right!

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