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In Utero: Getting Reprimanded for Science in Florida

As a relatively new parent, I have to cringe a little bit when other parents ask me certain questions about parenting. Specifically, when they ask me how I am going to approach “potty training” — that term just puts me into a bit of upset. I have yet to find any person who can give me a solid reason why a silly childish term had to be created when a real term — toilet — was already there.  In Florida, the equivalent of the “potty training” substitution is happening on the House floor. State representative Scott Randolph, in part of his argument against union dues being deducted from the paychecks of state employees, used the word “uterus” — and apparently it upset a few people in the House. Randolph was asked to kindly not discuss body parts while on the floor of the House.

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Can Art Be Quantified?

When we have a national discourse about money and Art and the role of the artist in society, we are left with a massive hole of misunderstanding that cannot yet be bridged: You Cannot Quantify Art.

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The Art and Science of a Sencha Shot

I have previously confessed in the public square that I have an Ito En green tea addiction.  Today, I am pleased to also confess, I am now addicted to Ito En’s most delicious green tea yet:  The Sencha Shot!

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The Decider Versus the Provider

Yesterday, Barack Obama put right a government policy Dubya set religiously wrong:  Obama guaranteed a “return to scientific integrity” and instantly became “The Provider” of doing the right thing for the future good of us all. 

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Science and Entertainment Exchange

Scientific Aesthetic has been singing along online in one form or another for at least five years — and the founding of the Science and Entertainment Exchange confirms the validity and sanctity of the ideas that drive us.

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