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Dan Quayle with a Ponytail or Hitler in High Heels?

With Sarah Palin now on the Republican ticket — she is being mocked for her duplicity and for her rather fascist want to create one set of rules for the rest of us and another set of rules by which only she and her family are allowed to abide.  Some on the internets are satirically calling her “Hitler in High Heels” and “Dan Quayle with a Ponytail” and I find that comedic flaying fascinating on many levels as the parody image below suggests…

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Affording Cheap Shoes

When I was a graduate student at Columbia University in the City of New York, my friend and mentor Howard Stein said this to me: “David, you don’t have any money; you can’t afford cheap shoes.”

He was right and I have abided that sage advice ever since.

It is better to buy quality once at a higher price than to keep paying a cheaper price more often for a product of lesser quality because, in the end, cheap shoes are more expensive.

Nike Free 5.0 Review

I ordered a pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes the other day and from the moment I put them on I realized
Nike Free 5.0
how much better technology not only makes our minds, but our feet as well!

The whole idea behind the “Free 5.0” Nike’s is that, even though you are wearing shoes, it feels like you are going barefoot. Nike pulls off that idea in a grand and incredible way.

Here’s how:
The 5.0 shoes come with two inserts: 5.0 and 4.5. You are supposed to use the 5.0 insert first because it has more padding for the balls and heels of your feet.

Then, when your feet are stronger, you put in the 4.5 soles that have no extra padding and then it really feels like you are walking barefoot.

I went right for the 4.5 innersoles because the 5.0 inserts felt like I was wearing regular shoes. I’m already big on barefoot so I felt my feet were strong enough for the 4.5s.

The 4.5s do make you feel as if you are walking barefoot.


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Birkenstocks for Vegans

During my old university days, the hepcat footwear to wrap around your feet year round were Birkenstock sandals (with or without socks). As a Virgin Vegan, I’m thrilled to report that Birkenstock not only provide a wide range of cruelty-free and animal-free products, they are proud of this fact and want to get the word out to everyone, not just folks in the Vegan community.

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Ugly Ass Shoes that Fit Like a Glove

I’ve been able to restrain myself until this moment from writing about the O. J. Simpson matter, but now, with the return of the liable verdict against The Juice from The Jury — the time is ripe for picking a response. For over 2.7 years, the Goldmans and the Browns have suffered the loss of their beloved children while a dismayed nation looked upon their plight with pity and terror. While many of you are familiar with much of the case, allow me a moment to address some of the hotter issues as I see them.

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