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The Incestuous Replication Meme

The internet as we know it will die a slow and elongated death as it loses its niches and every bit of information becomes merely incestuous replications of a single, original, truth:  Copying is easier than Creating.

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Spam that Smothers More than Your Mother

We know the web is filled with disingenuous sycophants and, if you have any sort of noble life on the Internets, you know all about Hate Mail.  If you’re busy and successful, you hold your breath while writing email and, finally, you feel the twinge of not being able to tweak when you email Inbox is empty.

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Avoiding Gmail False Positives

Do you have any idea how to train Gmail to accept mail from a properly filtered and labeled domain?

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To Those of Filthy Mouths

The longer I live the more crass the world becomes.

It is commonplace today for many to use curse words at will — equally against the beloved and strangers.

Where is this awfulness in spirit and communication born; is it a lack of accountability, education or self-worth?

When the first words out of a mouth in space or fingers in email is
a curse word, one is immediately branded as an unfortunate ingrate for
invoking such wretched language.

The wages of that sin is an eternal and ephemeral death at the hands
of the unwilling who refuse to listen to or respond to that kind of
innate negativity.

Web Cruelty 2.0 and the Myth of Kindness

I’ve written a lot about how cruelty has ruined Web 2.0:

Hate Mail and Spam
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Sycophants in Rejection: Making Terroristic Threats

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Captcha if You Can

The New York Times had a great article concerning the bane of “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart” — “captcha” for short — on our virtual lives.
If you don’t recognize the word “captcha” you will certainly recognize their semiotic power over your online life:

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Hate Mail and Spam

I have decided there is no difference between Hate Mail and Spam. Nobody wants to get either one; they each share the intent to bother and wound; Hate Mail and Spam live to burden and bother.

Do you agree Hate Mail and Spam are the same thing?

If not, what’s the difference between the two?

What is the worst piece of Hate Mail you received?

What was the silliest Spam you found in your Inbox?