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How to Spam a Blog

We all know what a traditional Spammer looks and smells like. They overload your blog with links to diet pills and fat creams and breast enhancers and penis extenders. You can smell their nastiness permeating across the universe.

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Big Akismet Spam Trouble

Akismet is a Spam Plugin for WordPress and it is giving me great trouble the last two days. I have the problem using the 1.1 and 1.2 version of the Plugin.

All comments are being marked as Spam so regulars and newcomers alike are getting caught in a false Akismet Spam Trap! Please keep posting your fine comments and I will clear them for publication as soon as I can –¦
Yesterday and today I asked for help on the Akismet website and this morning I even posted a cry for help on the Akismet blog.

I will let you know if I hear any news of a resolution from them.
I have even gone as far as completely deleting Akismet from my server but still, somehow, Akismet remains active and snaring every single comment and the only way to see those comments is to re-upload Akismet and re-enable the Plugin and there the comments somehow sit marked as Spam.
I have searched my .htaccess file for Akismet phantoms but did not find any lingering settings or calls.
If you are a WordPress Guru — where and how is Akismet staying active on my blog and blocking all comments even when it is deactivated and completely deleted from my server?

Of Spam & Politics

by Hugh Faulkner

Do we need to make laws against distasteful behavior or do we need to expect tolerance from ourselves? A recent news article grabbed my attention. It said something to the effect that the world’s most prolific Spammer, one who sends unsolicited email, was getting out of the business for good.

Eating Spam
Sandford Wallace, known by many as the “Spam king” (and also “Spamford Wallace”) is giving up on the idea of spewing out hundreds-of-thousands of unsolicited emails. His company, Cyber Promotions, has been kicked off one ISP after another and doesn’t currently have a supportive ISP through which to do its business.

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