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Nick Simmons Steals from Bleach

If I set up a factory and started producing cars that looked just like Volkswagen Beetles from the early 1960’s and called them Molkswagen Teetles, would that be legally okay? I would certainly hope not. Why then do people like Nick Simmons regularly copy the work of real artists, put their own name on it, and try to make a profit?

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The Deceit of Cached CafePress Keyword Artifacts

A couple of days ago, in our Memeingful blog, I wrote an article called — “Stealing Janna Sweenie” — that dealt with an un-named seller on an un-named commercial website that was using Janna’s good name and American Sign Language products to sell really ugly postcards and other knickknacks and trinkets. 
Today, I am ready to reveal the rest of the story and to publicly identify as the commercial website involved.

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Stealing Janna Sweenie

Do you own your own good name?  Or can someone take your name, your expertise in the field, and use it to sell t-shirts and postcards without your approval or knowledge?  My beloved wife Janna Sweenie and I write American Sign Language books together.  One of our bestsellers is “Hand Jive” — and that’s where this torrid story begins and ends.

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Chris Rock's Bad Hair Day

Comedian Chris Rock is having a Bad Hair Day. His new movie, “Good Hair” is twisting in the wind under the accusation that he stole the idea for his movie from another movie.

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Catching Copyright Infringement

It never gets old catching Copyright infringers and yesterday was no exception.  There is a sheer disgust and yet also a shared, Panopticonic, delight in catching another website red-handed copying and pasting and re-publishing your writing without your permission.

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