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Saartjie Baartman: The Hottentot Venus

Saartjie Baartman was considered a South African sexual freak by Caucasian culture.  In 1810, when she was 20, she was convinced to leave her homeland for fame in England.  Her traditional Khoikhoi body type was considered freakish in Western Culture and she was put on sexual display.  Her bare breasts and genitals were open for the gaping.  She was given the nickname “Hottentot Venus” for her presumptive beauty, though in Khoikhoi, “hottentot” means “stutterer.”  Saartjie was dead at 25 and her genitals and brain were pickled for continued, public, display.

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Fake Holocaust Suffering for Profit

Oprah bagged James Frey for “making up” his life story.  Now Oprah has been burned again, this time by a Jewish couple that unnecessarily faked their Holocaust suffering for fun and profit.

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The Blogging Pain of Moving Parts

There is nothing worse in the world than moving a blog from one publishing platform to another.

I am presently oozing pain and suffering rivulets of blood loss today as my Urban Semiotic blog suffers against a threatening weekend of technical support inaction and un-styled blog content and borked URLs.

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Bending Ideas into the Realm of Reason

It isn’t enough to just have an idea because everyone has an idea every day.

Our challenge as authors and artists and poets and pedants is to form the idea and bend it into something new — preferably with the force of reason and against the recognition of other ideas — to make something holdable from the whole.

An idea that stretches is a thought that lives in multiple dimensions and when we brand that creative process into something others find appealing, we have reached the nadir of suffering and we are on our way to the pinnacles.