There is nothing worse in the world than moving a blog from one publishing platform to another.

I am presently oozing pain and suffering rivulets of blood loss today as my Urban Semiotic blog suffers against a threatening weekend of technical support inaction and un-styled blog content and borked URLs.

Woe is me for daring the blogging Gods to move my private parts so close to the weekend!

I have be re-shaped, maimed, and re-formed into a giant ball of fleshy goo.  I am human.  Mostly.  I bleed.  Eternally.

Yet, still, we wait — with light hearts and hope-filled eyes — that Movable Type or pair Networks or some other good-hearted stranger, will happen upon us and shine in our darkness with their light of technical support and .htaccess.

Don’t wait up with us.

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