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TVP & Y2K: Revenge of the Luddite

Imagine my dismay when I called The Mail Order Company to purchase a few pounds of dry Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) — for re-constituted use as a meat substitute in my Vegan cooking life — and being told delivery would take three to four weeks! Ouch! I was told that discouraging news after being on hold for twenty minutes (and being disconnected twice) because they were so busy taking orders.

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Hacking the Attackers

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

These days it seems that we are very worried about our security. Yet I know that you may be asking yourself, “What security is she talking about? Personal security? Spiritual security? Financial security?” Hmmm, let me be a bit more clear. Since the technology has taken over everything including us, we have experienced some source of security problem with our personal and private information, that type of information that you don’t want anyone to look at it because it is yours and only yours.

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March of the Macs

by J. Scott Faulkner

Where do I want to go today? It doesn’t matter, but I want to get there with my Macintosh. Unfortunately, Apple Computer made that an impossibility.

One of “The Rest of Us”
I was asked to author a piece about the eminent demise of the Macintosh computer. However, what’s to say that hasn’t already been regurgitated in all the trade rags for the last two or more years? After all, that’s a bit like arguing which of the political parties has a better ethics record in the White House.

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