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Birkenstocks for Vegans

During my old university days, the hepcat footwear to wrap around your feet year round were Birkenstock sandals (with or without socks). As a Virgin Vegan, I’m thrilled to report that Birkenstock not only provide a wide range of cruelty-free and animal-free products, they are proud of this fact and want to get the word out to everyone, not just folks in the Vegan community.

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Dave's Quick & Dirty Vegan Chili

It’s a quick and dirty recipe with no finesse but it is still incredibly healthy and tasty. The thicker, the better, and that means beans, beans, beans!

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Vegan a Month

Hoorah! Forgive the exclamation, but my wife and I have been Vegan (pronounced VEE’-gun) for precisely one month today and it’s easier than we thought it would be! We tried to “eat healthy” but we always found room for an occasional pizza or doughnut or plate of nachos or some other awful, saturated-fat-filled delights that undid our frequent good attempts to feed our bodies.

Going Vegan
We came to the realization a month ago that we could feel better if we put our hearts and minds to the business of feeling better and the strict call of the Vegan lifestyle gave us a framework and a method of controlling our weakness for sweets and other dangerous foods. We don’t eat meat or eggs or dairy or oil. Oil isn’t a purely Vegan premise, but it is an additional step we’re taking to lose weight and feel better. This new Vegan lifestyle is working wonders from the inside out as you’ll soon see.

Weight Loss
In a month I’ve lost 12 lbs. and I’ve done it through moderate exercise (though nothing more than I did in my pre-Vegan days) and Vegan eating. I feel 100% better. I have more energy. I have new willpower that I can recall at any time in my life, in any situation, and not just when it comes to admitting or denying foods. My wife has lost an incredible 9 lbs. in a month and, she too, looks and feels better now than she did four short weeks ago. We have another 10 pounds each to lose and we predict we’ll hit that goal weight in a month or so.

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Discovering Dr. McDougall

John A. McDougall, M.D. is a physician on a mission: He believes he can heal a logjam of illnesses by diet alone and that means no meat, dairy, eggs or oil. At first blush, this may seem like a radical idea for those accustomed to the trials of traditional medicine, but McDougall’s work is not speech or a rant. His work is backed up by disinterested scientific studies and his presentation of these facts is stunning. As a Vegan, I found Dr. McDougall’s program appropriate, accessible and helpful.

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Celebrating the McDonald's McVeggie

Oh, my! Who would’ve guessed three weeks ago that, after turning Vegan, I’d be eating at McDonalds’ again! McDonalds have been disparaged in the Vegan and Vegetarian communities for a long while as the largest purchasers of factory farmed beef in the world. Who would’ve ever guessed McDonalds would turn around and offer — in limited quantities — a beefless “burger” for those who choose to not eat meat? Well, they have, and I’m here to tell you about it.

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Dave's Vegan Italian Tacos

As a Virgin Vegan hot on the heels of the New Year, one might believe it is difficult and daunting to find fun and delicious things to eat. I’m here to prove that theory wrong! You can create some great and delicious meals rather quickly on a Vegan diet (I’m also off all oil of any kind to help lower my cholesterol) and I’m about to share with you my original recipe for Dave’s Vegan Italian Tacos! This recipe will make four soft-shell tacos.

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