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A Man of Bricks and Mortar

His was a life of bricks and the skillful hands to lay them, fast and capable hands as adept as machines. His was a history thrown with gale force at walls and buildings all over town, a long constructive life of making things to last. Everywhere now in his decline were the monuments of his having passed that way, standing in red clay and mortar, signs of a man’s existence no less expressive than those of whatever poet you might wish to mention.

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Artist Conversion

The job of any True Artist is one of conversion.  The Artist takes a notion and transforms it into something else, something greater, than what it was before.  That conversion also plays a direct role in the real life of the True Artist, too.

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Collaborators Not Cooperators

We must always wish for collaborators — and not cooperators — because collaborators have a vested interest in a shared success, while cooperators have nothing to lose, but they are always around to suckle on the win.

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iPad Immersion and the International Inoculation

Today, the iPad is fulfilling it mission of appropriately and coyly tempting international wanderlust.  Yesterday, closer to home, our two iPads finally arrived a few days before scheduled delivery after we purchased them online from Apple the first week of May.  After less than a day of playing with the iPad, I can confirm what I said way back on February 5, 2010:  The iPad is a killer device.  Here are my iPad-only Apps:

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Must Work Always Be Memeingful?

We are taught from an early age that work is good for us.  We are routinely compressed by the idea that hard work builds character while providing for our needs.  Work is the alpha and the omega and we are never to question what lurks in between.  We are defined by our jobs.

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