I am pleased to announce my book with Janna M. Sweenie, Hand Jive: American Sign Langue for Real Life is a done deal. This will be a funky and fantastic look at ASL and how you can learn to communicate with the Deaf in a fast and furious way.

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Our book will be published by Barnes and Noble Publishing, Inc., (yes, they publish books as well as sell them!) and the book will be distributed by Sterling.

Hand Jive: American Sign Langue for Real Life will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2006 and for more information on this book and other exciting ongoing and future projects, be sure to visit us online at http://BolesBooks.com.

Be sure to check out the book cover art.


  1. This is really exciting to me. I have tried to learn ASL from cds and books and it’s too difficult. Haven’t been able to take classes. Want to be ‘conversational.’ I am hearing impaired with aids in each ear. Thanks!

  2. Hi Paula!
    Thanks for posting such a wonderful comment!
    I will keep you posted on what’s happening with the book. We’re writing it right now and it is really looking and feeling good.
    More soon! 🙂

  3. David, I thought this was the best place to place this comment and I’ll try to keep it short. After five years of trying to learn ASL on my own, this week I had my first ‘real’ conversation with a deaf person using my ‘rudimentary’ signing. (Believe me, it gave a whole new meaning to “fumble-fingered.”) She was in the bus terminal. Very patient with me. I figured she probably would read my lips as well so I made sure to stand and speak to her face. I know how to introduce myself by name and know enough to get by. She was Kim. Will probably share the experience on The Omnibus. But I really need your book!

  4. Hi Paula —
    We cover all these issues and more just like it in the book.
    Your experience is telling and wonderful and I am so glad you reached out to make a connection to Kim!

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