I am pleased to announce you can now instantly buy online original unpublished articles, essays and papers I have written from the Boles Books website and the range of work available for purchase is wide and deep.
You’ll enjoy poking around Boles Books and perhaps you’ll find something interesting to read. Here are some of the titles available: 

Surviving Laparoscopic Bilateral Hernia Surgery

A Six Part Essay Concerning Qualitative Methods and Annette Lareau’s “Unequal Childhoods”

A Qualitative Assessment of Deaf Infant Cochlear Implantation and Feelings of Acceptance by Hearing Peers

Lemann, Wilson and Anderson: Marking the Synonymical Rise and Fall of the “Culture of Poverty” Conceit

A Partially Elided Examination of United States Muslim Immigration Policy and Persecution Before and After 9/11

The Failure of Foucauldian Urban Schooling: Abstraction, Panopticism and the Carceral City

Ghetto Schooling and a Theme of Three Theories: Functionalism, Conflict and Interactionist

Greed, Deception, Revenge and Prosperity: 18th and 19th Century Development in the Delaware Forks

For the Want of Water: Safely Slaking New York City’s Twentieth Century Thirst

Turkle’s Fellowship of the Microchip: A Failure of Teaching, Not of Technology

How to do Well on an Essay Exam

The Stations of Urban Mourning: A Qualitative Investigation of Ongoing Public Grieving

All Boles Books purchases are secure via PayPal and delivery is fast and efficient.

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