Am I the only one who doesn’t get the Boob Job Craze? I’m not talking about breast cancer reconstruction or fixing a birth deformity. Those breast implant surgeries are wonderful and necessary and healing.

The process was invented to serve those wounded women. I am talking about the massive Boob Job where surgery to is used to cure low self-esteem by inflating a woman’s breast size to gargantuan proportions.

Do men find these fake boobs attractive? What is the desire to touch a fake breast filled with a saline bag?

Does the thrill of the fantasy override the reality of bolted-on breasts without a natural cleavage line?

Do women find the false enlargement attractive? Are some natural breasted women envious of artificial mammary glands?

Do fake breasts suggest fakery in the personality of the person wearing them?

Is it ethical for a surgeon to operate on healthy breasts for the sole reason of falsely enlarging them for profit?

I’ll go on the record here and say all sizes of natural breasts are more attractive than a Boob Job and one must pity those women who spend thousands of dollars to hide behind a surgeon’s aesthetic of what a woman should be instead of being the woman she was born to be.


  1. No, I’m not envious of women with boob jobs.
    I grew up in a male-dominated household, where my father would constantly judge my mother and I about our weight and figure. My sister and I were borderline anorexics because of him.
    Some women are fake and will do anything to advance their careers and lifestyles. The rest were raised to believe that we have to manipulate our bodies to be attractive to men. That’s what I’ve seen in the women I know who’ve had this procedure.
    As for ethics, there’s no issue as far as I’m concerned. The woman wants the surgery and is willing to pay for it, no matter what it costs. I have an aunt who paid $3,000 for her boob job. It hasn’t changed her life in the slightest.

  2. Hey Deborah!
    Ack! I feel sorry for what you had to endure in your home growing up.
    I think the going rate in New York City for a “good” Boob Job today is between $8,000-$10,000. That’s a lot of pennies!
    My eye doctor in New York refuses to do laser surgery on an eye unless the eye has problems first. He said it is “unethical to operate on a healthy eye just to improve vision” because you never know if the laser surgery will put the eye in a worse state or not. I guess I admire that old-style thinking. 🙂

  3. Yes, that is a lot of pennies! I think it’s like that everywhere, but especially in places like NYC, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc. Since insurance companies don’t like to pay for cosmetic surgeries, I imagine that these women have to save up for a long time. Or, get a loan. I’d rather go on a nice vacation. 😉
    I’m glad your eye doctor puts your health first instead of his wallet. If only more doctors would think that way.
    As for my sister and I, we’re doing fine. 🙂 But I refuse to go on a diet or alter my body in any way just so I can please someone else.

  4. What’s even more pathetic is the women who get not only boob jobs but also tummy tucks, liposuction, nose jobs and other plastic surgery procedures in order to look like their favorite celebrities.
    MTV occasionally airs a show called “I Want a Famous Face,” which I think is very dangerous. The show does also feature someone who has had a bad experience from plastic surgery, but this is not dwelled on as much as the featured person going through surgery.
    The other thing about this show is that I’ve never seen anyone be happy with the results. Many women have these procedures done and then have photo shoots to send to Playboy or some other magazine or to break into show business, but they’ll get the pictures back and they won’t be happy with them. The truth is, they’ll never be happy with them.

  5. I just don’t understand how women can equate self-worth with the size of their breasts … or the size of their waists … or the beauty of their faces. They say … “it makes me feel better about myself” … WHY??????
    And I do think it is unethical to put a woman into a situation where even if the surgery is done PERFECTLY they could be endangering their lives … for the doctor’s profit and their vanity!

  6. I think as a fair judge of boobs; I would have to agree with you in some respects. I think that there is a point where too much is too much.
    One of the great things about us is that we are all different, If we were all the same, what a boring place this would be. It is the same with the opposite sex, if all boobs were ideal we would definately have problems(we would have a very skewed definition of beauty, which we kind of have).
    As for my own opinion, there is no ideal pair of breast out there. They are all beautiful.

  7. Deborah — I am glad you and your sister are doing well. Many women never recover from that kind of childhood trauma.
    Carla! — Yes, plastic surgery is a vicious circle. I watch “I Want a Famous Face” and the doctors who go along with that sick want are not really doctors. They want to be star makers with a scalpel.
    Mama Mouse — Nice to hear from you! 🙂 Anesthesia is a dangerous thing and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever wake up. When these young people risk “going under” to try to better their skin and bone structure instead of their inner being, they are only buying disappointment.
    Kev — I’m with you, my man! Beautifully said.

  8. Okay, I’m going to bring this high-minded thread down a notch or two. Let’s talk about the nitty gritty. 😉
    Women with boob jobs piss me off.
    If there is one universal truth, it is that NO woman is happy with her boobs. It’s a catch-22. Small women want to be larger, large women want to be smaller. As a large-busted woman, I am envious of smaller-chested women for one simple reason. Perkiness. There’s this thing? Called gravity? And, like, you can’t be both big and perky, you know? (Insert hair flip.)
    Until now. Big AND perky. It makes me mad. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.
    Except, of course, it’s not really. Because ultimately, I wouldn’t trade in my lack of perk for the even saggier self-esteem that must drive the need for male approval.
    Here’s how you tell the difference between real and fake. Women with fake boobs show them off. Women with real boobs don’t. We’ve had years of men staring at our chests instead of our eyes. It gets old. I’d rather be “Oh yeah, she’s the really smart one” than “She’s the one with really big hooters.”
    Regarding the trend of major plastic surgery, it’s kinda scary because true beauty,real beauty has some little flaw that makes it truly beautiful. Plastic surgery beauty is all the same. There’s a lovely poem by Robert Herrick called “Delight in Disorder” that sums this up rather nicely.
    A SWEET disorder in the dress
    Kindles in clothes a wantonness :
    A lawn about the shoulders thrown
    Into a fine distraction :
    An erring lace which here and there
    Enthrals the crimson stomacher :
    A cuff neglectful, and thereby
    Ribbons to flow confusedly :
    A winning wave (deserving note)
    In the tempestuous petticoat :
    A careless shoe-string, in whose tie
    I see a wild civility :
    Do more bewitch me than when art
    Is too precise in every part.
    Sorry for the long post. I really will shut up now. ;-0

  9. Zia!
    It’s interesting that women who are naturally big prefer not to be defined by their bodies while other women who lack size yearn for that definition.
    Love the poem!

  10. To the person who wrote I’d rather be “Oh yeah, she’s the really smart one” than “She’s the one with really big hooters.”
    Being smart and having large breasts are not mutually exclusive, this is a common misconception by people who hate women and women who hate themselves for being women – people who say these things are the ones who really have low self esteem.
    “Until now. Big AND perky. It makes me mad. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.”
    If you can find a way to have your cake and eat it too, why not! This is like saying you don’t want someone to become too rich or too beautiful. Just because you can’t have it doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t. Again this shows that the person saying this is envious and feels inadequate in his/her life. I have no sympathy for such morons who lash at others rather than working on themselves.
    Incidentally I think moderate sized augmented breasts – no bigger than D cup look better than natural large breasts and that small breasts look good until they start to sag and they do sag.
    Look at the other side of the coin on boob jobs. People who have low self esteem themselves like to think that others do things out of low self esteem. Money women don’t love themselves enough to spend any money on themselves, the do everything for others and nothing for themselves – now this “self-less sacrifice” requires an element of very low self esteem. For a person man or women to go to the bank and withdraw $8,800 to spend entirely on themselves on something that will not benefit anyone but themselves like plastic surgery or jewelry can be interpreted in one way that they consider themselves deserving of it – the “Because I am worth it!” factor.
    I say all of you are just jealous because you don’t have the extra $10,000 lying around to spend on yourself or if you do you hate yourself so much you don’t think you’re worth it, or you’re scared or you don’t need it but you don’t want another person to have it! This overall makes you scum of the lowest order.

  11. Dear moron —
    I see from your IP address you are posting your comment from Columbia Unveristy (your nameserver is SAELL.CC.COLUMBIA.EDU) and I certainly hope you are not a student or an instructor there because your message reflects poorly on the university. You are spewing from their bandwidth, after all.
    Your points might be better taken if you had the guts to sign your real name to your name calling.

  12. Obviously I’ve never understood this but I went thru a lot just to make them smaller. Why any woman would want to make them bigger (and I mean D or bigger) is beyond me. They make clothes tougher to fit in and are always in the way. I’ve been just about every size from B to a DDD and I’d say C is the very best. Everytime I see Pam Anderson I cringe.

  13. I know a lot of men are wondering, Robin, why any woman would ever want to have a breast reduction.
    There are men out there — I am not one of them — who believe the pain is worth the pleasure… for them. :mrgreen:

  14. To be honest they are better looking now as well. I am not going to go into a lot of specifics on it but I did end up getting a bit of a breast lift with the surgery. IMO they were not pretty breasts before and they humiliated me on a daily basis.

  15. Though I am a little late for this posting….
    But my point is –
    An attractive package doesn’t always guarantee a good product – big, small, medium…whatevr…what is there inside? heart or stone?
    Thanks for the topic, David! You really did write some brilliant articles!

  16. I have to say all of the responses are quite interesting. Me personally I am getting ready to have a boob job in 2 weeks. My story. I am not depressed, I am not unhappy with any part of my life except when I look at myself in the mirror naked and I see my boobs hanging down to the bottom of my rib cage (sorry for the immage lol).
    I have nursed 2 children (until 18 months w/1st and 12 months w/2nd). I started out with a nice perky 34C and after my milk came in with my 2nd I was a 38DD/E. They have been very streatched out and I would just like them to not look like a sock with a tennis ball in the end lol.
    My husband loves me dearly and says that he loves the way I look but this is a personal decision. I am currently a 34C and am going to go back to a 34D/DD. I do not want them to look fake, I am a very private person and do not plan on “showing them off” this is soley a decision I have made for me. I am paying 3900.00 and it has taken me 1 year to save this. I also have lost 67 pounds in this last year (started at 218 and am currently 151).
    So if you think I am shallow or I am some kind of moron for doing this, that is your oppinion, but this is my choice.

  17. I have been thinking about having a boobjob for some time now. I think boobjobs are necessary to keep a man. I have very small perky breasts which are very unattractive to men Recently my partner left me as he did not like my boobs he kept on telling me that I should go a “nice c” in other words he did not find me sexy I wish I could have had my boobs done years ago. Truthfully I really want to get my boobs done but it seems the only way to keep a man I don’t know if I’m wrong? I thought men did like small perky breasts

  18. Susie, I think that is a wrong reason to have your breasts augmented. Obviously there were other issues than your breasts. I know alot of men that prefer small breasts over large. If you want to get your breasts done do the research. There are risks and it is extremely painful not to mention the risks. If you decide to get them done do it for YOU an no one else. Because if someone wants to be with you because of your breasts then they are with you for the wrong reasons and it probably won’t last.
    What ever your decision I wish you the best of luck.

  19. What if I ask someone that I don’t like the size of his male organ – will he be ready to do something about it very happily? Sorry if I sound crude. As far as my knowledge goes my physiological structure depends upon my gene – its not something aquired.

  20. That’s a good point, Katha, but you need not worry about a man’s size because he likely fretting about it all day long already and the instant a well-regarded and reliable “penis implant” comes along to stretch a guy “just a few more inches” will be the day when artificial private parts becomes the norm.
    You know there will be guys who’ll try to stretch the operation into three-foot long dongs!

  21. I understand –
    Men might fret all over their life about their size but I am talking about the feeling of humiliation if someone else rejects him because of that.
    Does that happen? I am curious.
    My point is ”size” can not/should not be the yard stcik of a relationship or anything. If someone wants to have a three-foot long dong in the place of his penis or a 56D boobs – that should be their own choice but not by being pressurized by someone or the society.

  22. Katha —
    I have no personal experience if men are rejected because of their size or not!
    I do take your serious point we are all are born who we are and we should all accept who we are without the need to change what our genes gave us.

  23. Thanks for your support! I agree 😀
    There are so many things in life and in the world that I can concentrate on as long as my physiological structure is not bothering me medically……

  24. You make another fine point, Katha, we should be grateful for our healthy bodies no matter how they may look aesthetically because good health is our necessary prime concern.

  25. Doing a report i have studied so called ‘ boob jobs’ there is positives and negitives to the outcomes. Why should we put down those who have gained a more joyful life from their surgery… But then again why alter the body we are so lucky to have. ? Its a hard topic and you all have to realise their is no right and wrong, we are all individual.

  26. Thankyou very much Laurie for pointing out exactly the reason I am having a boob job.
    I read all the other comments before yours and felt more and more despair. I just thought their all missing the point. For all those women who’s boobs have been been drastically reduced by breast feeding, we just want to fill the excess skin, not make them huge!

  27. what a nice discussion to find.
    i would certainly love to have bigger tatas – i have thought about this for years. but,
    if i got a boob job:
    what would i be contributing to the world…what would i be telling my future children – my daughter or your daughter – about women? that BREAST SIZE is important??? important enough to undergo surgery, spend thousands of dollars, and risk your health.
    be yourself.
    there are more important issues to spend time and money on besides enhancing tits.
    barbie f’ed it up for all of us.
    i have tiny boobs…but a darn nice booty. i am fine with that. and so is my husband.
    when you get a boob job you cave in to the pressures of:
    the man show,
    you know, those holders of high standards.
    so hoochies, get your implants. get your stripper jobs and your porn roles.
    i’m happy being me.
    keep it real homies, keep it real.

  28. ps.
    i certainly don’t fault anyone for getting reconstruction after a masectomy, or lifting things up or moving things around after you have kids.
    speaking to the vain, negative self esteem, attention hungry hoochies only.

  29. Welcome to Urban Semiotic, elizabeth!
    I appreciate your take on this issue and I am thrilled to learn you are not only satisfied with your body, but you also realize the messages you send to your children by not accepting the facts of the way you were born.

  30. .Personally, I think women who have small breasts are so lucky, and not because they are super perky or easier to deal with. I just think it looks better. In my opinion they look vibrant and carefree… not so tied down, I guess. Oh, and I would love to have the space instead of the line… you know what I mean. I am 20. 5 foot 5…135lbs….And I wear a 34F…As a woman with naturally large breasts who has grown up with this I think I have a lot of insight on the matter. There is a huge point that people seem to skim over when talking about breast implants. Anything that is so highly controversial in society will have a social stigma associated with it. Sure, there are positives about having large breasts, but there are also many negatives. Socialization is inevitable. We are all affected by what happens in our day-to-day lives and the way other people look at us or judge us. Drastically changing your body to fit a certain mold is going to change your personality. It has been scientifically studied and proven that children who are treated as though they were stupid do in fact score less on tests. By the same token, when women with fake breasts are treated like objects or subjected to any other stereotype associated with fake breasts, the chances that they will in reality fall into that role are high. This is serious because really, who wants to loose their personality or other traits they worked hard to attain. There is sincerely something wrong with our society when we put artificial anything over health. It’s unnatural. What ever happened to survival of the fittest? I look forward to breast feeding, to sagging…because what that will mean is that I was fortunate enough to have children and fortunate enough to grow old. This is not to say that I will not struggle with insecurities or that I don’t, but deep down I know these insecurities are super imposed by a ridiculous definition of beauty and not my own. I support a woman’s right to choose whatever she wants to do to her body, but I would urge you to look into the social and psychological side effects as well as the physical ones.

  31. The more I privately research this topic the more I am finding out that:
    1) Men really prefer natural breast
    2) Men mostly prefer larger breasts
    3) Men mostly prefer larger natural breasts
    4) Almost exclusively – men do not like boob jobs
    5) In most cases – men can spot a boob job
    6) Most women are more critical of other women than men are
    My research is not official, but is mostly internet based, as I was concerned for family members, and a good friend of my wife’s, who decided to get boob jobs. I have also made a point of asking as many men and women as I can for the last few years on their views on the subject.
    The most upsetting reason why I needed to comment here, is that my wife’s friend has ended up with breasts that look fantastic in clothes, but look….well frankly…terrible naked. You can plainly see that they move in an unnatural way and (as I have often seen) you can see ripples on the sides when the breast hangs down. She regrets the day she had them done.
    My conclusion is that women who want to enhance perfectly natural breasts are doing so for the wrong reasons. They are almost always disappointed by the results and most will not admit it. They are trying to hide other issues they have behind an artificial physical change.
    The worst part of it all is that it seems that women are having boob jobs to satisfy their own worst critics – other women!

  32. i personally think it all depends on whether a woman has any breast tissue to start with, as to whether they will look real or not. As a nurse i have seen quite a few women with implants, that move and look very real.
    Also i see it as nobodies buisness if someone has fake boobs, other than the lady who has them.
    And just to clarriy many women i have come into contact with, are married and dont get them to get a man, more to reclaim their bodies after childbirth/nursing.
    Incidently, i am a slim build and have naturally large breasts, yes it anoys me that both men and women talk to my boobs but i got used to it.
    Its great to be comfortable in your own skin, i certainly am, but please dont mock those who feel uncomfortable and want to change it. I think its great that we live in a modern world, with choices, our own individula choice.

  33. i don’t think we are mocking (or desiring to do so)…i think we are discussing a much bigger picture: the influence society has on someone’s self worth.
    in an ideal society – people would be happy in the body they are born with, especially if everything is in working order.
    people would see the beauty in everything.
    surgery on boobs for cosmetic reasons
    – please.
    the pressure to make an “individual decision” to get big boobs wouldn’t exist.
    people wouldn’t spend time, money, and health risks on vain medical procedures…they would attempt to be more self actualized and spend their time/money on helping others. or just enjoying life.
    and going to medical school to find a cure for cancer or parkinsons – Not to become a plastic surgeon.
    its disgusting.
    i want to contribute to the hope of an ideal society.
    call me an idealist.
    i agree with having choices. i’d just like to see more smart choices being made.
    i fear the modern world if it means self worth will be based upon some plasticized version of the latest movie star.

  34. i totally understand what you are saying, and yes the media has a lot to answer too, in regards to women feeling inadequate about themselves.
    Its a shame that women have implants to ‘fit in’ with what is regarded as ‘normal’
    But as long as big boobs are seen as glamorous and sexy, more women will continue to conform to societies ideal, sure money could be spent on something more purposeful but it is not for us to judge, though i am sure once they see the grass isnt greener afteral a lot probably regret their decision; especially when they want to buy dresses (no can do when your a size 16 on top and a 12 on the bottom), bras cost a fortune, plus they all have thick straps!! i know i certainly have problems!!!
    the latest craze i have just read about is butt implants, now i cant see the point of them, aww well i suppose the worlds just gone crazy!!!

  35. you know what else is crazy: calf implants.
    i saw a special where a guy got them – ooohhh….

  36. I don’t understand this backlash against plastic surgery and I don’t think I ever will. And this does not mean that, I, myself endorse it or am against it. I just don’t understand how, what a person does for themselves, to themselves is anybody’s business.
    To get you all riled up or so you don’t think I am trying to hide anything I will tell you that my fiancée was large breasted and she also elected for breast implant surgery because she felt she was losing some of that perky quality that her smaller breasted friends have. She is currently a 34FF/34G and a petite 5ft 2, 120ish-lbs and I can hear the jokes coming.
    Elizabeth, really seems to have a big problem with breast implants. I’m trying to think why she seems so angry. I understand the potential sociological & psychological implications that are always thrust on these women as if they have no mind of their own. And you know, maybe some of them don’t, maybe most of them don’t but because some or most do it for what may be the wrong reasons, does that make it wrong for everyone? Apparently, so. My guess would be that you are one of those women that would make an obnoxious comment or roll there eyes at my fiancée. Why? What’s the point? Why is it so important to seem to be superior? Usually this stems from people who have low self-esteem and like to lash out against others or others who are different. Perhaps I’m wrong, and believe me, Im not trying to single you out to attack you but I am just looking for an answer and I hope you respond because you just seem so angry over this. Why?
    I think Rosey, Kristy & Katha have a mature attitudes about this “I support a woman’s right to choose whatever she wants to do to her body, but I would urge you to look into the social and psychological side effects as well as the physical ones.”
    I agree 100% with her. Let me ask you something Elizabeth. How much work do you do espousing the evils of unprotected sex in your local community? I’m sure you must because more women die each year because of having unprotected sex than getting breast implants and I know that you said it yourself that “there are more important issues to spend time and money on besides enhancing tits” so I am guessing that you spend a lot of time helping them and donate a lot of money as well. Also, are you a MADD supporter? Because you know that more people each year by getting into an accident with a drunk driver than into an accident with fake breasts. So with this money you have saved and all this time you have because of not getting breast implants, enlighten us with all your accomplishments. I think you see where we are going here so unless you are Mother Teresa I think you are basically just using the drama of your statement very haphazardly. I always love to hear the holier than though talking about the evils of the world while they are snacking on potato chips and watching “Joey”.
    See, it should be everyone’s choice to do what they want to themselves in my mind. You want to kill yourself? Go ahead, but think about it first and make sure you are making the right decision. You want to put tattoo’s all over your body. Go ahead but think about it first. I don’t like tattoo’s at all but Im not going to go on a rampage about it. I don’t have any numbers to back this up but I would bet there are some people that die each year because of poorly sterilized tattoo needles or infections from them, no? Think about the repercussions of what you are going to do and than make an “adult” decision about it or at least as much of an adult decision you are capable of. I do think you should have to be of a certain age and personally I think 18 is too young so that seems to fall more on the ethics of the doctors than the patient. And yes, I often question the ethics of the medical profession but it is what it is. To somewhat quote one of our posters, It would seem that there are more important things to do than worry about some other woman’s breasts and if they are fake or not. Who cares? Get on with your life! As long as you are happy that’s all that matters. I would be equally as angry if someone made a rude comment about my fiancées big breasts or your small breasts. It’s just obnoxious behavior and done be feeble little minds.
    We talk about the dangers of surgery for what you get out of it… “bigger breasts” but let me pose this. If you could have a surgical procedure down where you could double your intelligence and it would be as risky as that of the surgery of breast implants… would you do it? If you could have surgery that would allow you to live twice as long, where at 86.4 years you would look and feel 33.2 years old or at 172.8 years old you would look and feel 86.4 years old, (Dow better get working on that.. I don’t think I want to see that 🙂 )with the same risks that would be taken under normal breast implant surgery, would you do it? Let’s be realistic. I think most of us would and even if most of us wouldn’t why shouldn’t that be offered to those would like that option?
    Ok, last attack on you.. 🙂 Because I know this is going to degenerate into the “physical beauty” is not as important as spiritual, intellectual blah blah. Any idiot can see that we put a greater value on our perceived physical beauty in America as witnessed by the 2 dopes, Bush & Clinton we elected into office over the last 15 years but I don’t want this to turn into a political discussion. But let’s talk about beauty or perceived beauty.
    Every culture has a different view of what beauty the hispanic culture typically founds a larger tush appealing, in some tribes they have the neck rings which make the neck extremely long, not my idea of beauty but to some like it. The reason women get breast implants.. Im going out on a limb here… They for some reason do not like their breasts? Some people will say it’s vanity. And I think that is 100% hypocritical. I don’t think there is a person around that does not try to look “good” for the people around them. Otherwise we would spend time buying clothes, trying them on, seeing if they fit, “just right”, putting on make up, getting their haircut yada yada yada. This is all done to attract the opposite sex or same sex, what have you. We can debate on and on over what is worse, the risks of surgery or that four thousand dollars that was spent on that new wardrobe when your credit cards are maxed out. Each presents a risk and each person needs to determine their own risk.
    Each person determines what their own idea of beauty is. It’s like saying that Van Gogh is better than Renoir or that Bresson is better than Dreyer or for that matter that Adam Sandler is funnier than Albert Brooks “UG”. The point is that the one thing we are very lucky is the fact that we have the right to choose. As much as I have tremendous amount of disdain for the media-produced, non-thinking presidential puppets we parade, the one thing we still have, is the right to think as we please. So far……… 🙂
    While, “Moron’s” post may be a bit brash I think he/she is at least being honest, where Im sorry to say, David (and by the way thanks for setting up this post it was a good idea) you seem have some sort of agenda. Im not sure what it is but you just seem soooo toady-like, seemingly aligning yourself with any poster against breast implants. You know, you don’t have to play the “sensitive male” routine just because you posted something that leans towards a woman’s topic. It’s ok to express an opinion and sometimes look at both sides. This whole topic was refreshing and it was good to hear the opinions expressed by everyone weather I agreed or not.
    As Hegel states: The higher truth lies somewhere in the middle of two extremes. In this instance that may be between “A” and “HHH” 🙂

  37. Hey everyone 🙂
    People’s decisions are their own. Everyone has a different reason for doing things they do including going under the knife. I have to admit Im having breast augmentation done on the 18th and Im excited and nervous about this. It is something I have always wanted basically since I can remember. I think that people who say they “hate women with fake boobs” are insanely judgemental and obviously not good people themselve for hating someone simply because theyve had plastic surgery. It really upsets me that people can be so mean about this? Why do you hate us? What did we do to you? Im doing this for me, not to make people jealous, wreck homes, please men, or any other -ridiculous- reasons. I love my body and I can only imagine how much sexier Ill feel with my new toys. Something that really upsets me though, is my best friend of about 4 years has been really rude and selfish to me lately and its really upsetting and makes me cry when I wonder why? I just pray that its not something to petty like my surgery that would make her jeopardize our friendship.
    You say that we’re vain, selfish, and all those other really cruel things, when really… you’re the one generating all the hate and negativity. You never know what good friends we might have been. Kindness can change the world.
    And I agree everyone should accept themselves for who they are, and you should too. I hope I’ve shed a little light on the subject, thanks.

  38. I am very petite, very slight, but I have very large, natural breasts. Sometimes I look like I’m about to tip over. I’ve had men talk to me via my breasts, I’ve had people asking me if they’re real. I once heard that two guys had actually bet one it.
    In my opinion, there are the good sides and bad sides. On the pro side, big boobs can be sensational. I feel feminine and womanly. If I put on weight around my tummy no one can tell because my boobs still make my stomach look flat! The best thing about them is that although they are ridiculously big they are STILL PERKY! I realise this is almost unheard of and I appreciate that I’m very lucky!
    However, though many women say to me they would kill for my breasts, they don’t know the whole story. I have spent a fortune trying to get my back corrected, many men write me off as skanky, and the most annoying problem of all, I CAN’T BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT! Many people are not aware that high necked tops make big breasts look even bigger. So I wear a v-neck and it looks like I’m trying to show them off. Forget trying to buy a dress, I don’t fit into them. My boobs spill over the top and I look ridiculously sluttish. Bikinis are impossible because I am one size on the bottom and a Very Different size up top.
    Despite all these problems, I love my boobs and though I have thought of a breast reduction I know I will never get one. This is because that big breasts are part of who I am and I can’t imagine changing anything about me even though they make my life difficult many times. I am grateful for my breasts, but more then that, I am grateful for accepting my breasts even with the problems they give me.
    Boob jobs may be the way to go for some people, and if that is your decision, well, good luck! But I agree with many people here when I say that it should be done for YOU. And I especially liked that comment about the penis size… Imagine if a girl told a guy he should be bigger! That is not acceptable!
    It is very easy to condemn surgery if you are happy with the way you look. But if you aren’t, it’s nice to have the option. I have my days like everyone else, and you know what? All it takes is someone, anyone, to give me a ‘you look great’ to make me feel cute again. My mother, my friend, a dirty drunk man. It doesn’t matter! And if a boob job makes YOU look in the mirror and tell yourself, YOU LOOK GREAT! then that’s just as bloody good!

  39. i think that if you want a boob job then get one and if not then its really non of your business – is it?

  40. I think boobs are a major part of women and I think if they want them big then have at it! If I had the money and time then I would but I want big boobs so guys will look at me!

  41. I have hated my breasts for as long as I can remember and was seriously considering implants. However, I am now recovering from a partial knee dislocation which could have resulted (but luckily didn’t) in surgery. Despite the pain being immense and physio to help it recover, I realise that whilst worrying about the size of my boobs I have overlooked everything else that we just take for granted i.e being able to walk unaided! Boobs are now the least of my worries, I will spend my time being thankful for everything else I have and concentrating on getting rid of these crutches!

  42. I use to wonder as a young teen when I was going to fill out- At age 18 I was fretting I was going to stop growing soon and my b cups weren’t going to cut it! lol I’m a B, 5’ 4” 128lbs and I’ve never thought anything of it since my first boyfriend. He made me feel beautiful just the way I was- which in turn helped build my confidence and eliminate any body issues. I can’t remember of a time when I was negative towards myself.
    I was always a big tomboy, playing goalie on the hockey team or nerding out with the guys on the Nintendo – they never judged me on my boob size- They loved hanging out with me and were my pals- good guys. I always felt beautiful; they made me feel beautiful by treating me like a beloved buddy- one of the guys.
    The only time I thought I wasn’t beautiful was when I was around other woman who hurtfully judged me. I am a firm believer that men are fascinated with woman no matter what her size. “OMG IT’S A CHICK AND SHE IS WILLING TO KISS ME???” at least every boyfriend I’ve had has that look on his face for the first month we are dating.
    Every guy I’ve ever dated always says to me in some form of this statement “You know… you never complain about your appearance or ask me if your butt is fat and that makes me comfortable around you because you know you are beautiful and that’s sexy”
    The real definition of femininity aside from having reproductive organs- the socialization a girl’s early development and adjusted throughout adulthood by picking up OR reacting to societal cues.
    Clearly 99.9% of woman fit this role- SO THERE you are beautiful!
    You have the ability to create life- you can grow life in your body- You create beautiful tiny miracles, is that not feminine enough? To be WOMAN is beautiful- strong- loving- caring- mysterious- To be woman is to be beautiful.
    If someone judges you based on physical appearance tell that fool “PEACE OUT” and find people worth your time. You only feel as good as you let yourself feel!
    I work in a male dominated field- I’m a filmmaker a cinematographer- so I work with cameras. It didn’t matter my body type I was a chick among like 30 males SCARY! After 4 years of training and using all kinds of equipment I thank God for my size b/c any larger and those cameras will be a bitch to carry & hold!!
    On another note- My father and I do everything together- We were watching an episode of Beauty & the Geek- My dad laughed and said “Aren’t you glad you beautiful and smart?”
    Everyone should have a dad like mine! =)
    Trick is self image- Do you feel beautiful? Then you are! People will notice that girl with bright smile and energetic personality no matter her cup size.
    Clearly people will do what they feel is best for them- and of course that’s fine! Be happy- Just remember to always love yourself and find peace within your self- it’s the only way to truly be happy!
    BTW- I’ve read everyone’s comments and you all are so brave so sharing your stories.
    You can have everything if you let your self be happy!
    In short, I’m not scared of breaking free from the status quo and being attacked by proponents of dominant culture.
    Peace & Love you BEAUTIFUL woman- FLUANT your beauty who are you not too?

  43. btw Veronica I LOVe how you said “all it takes is… a dirty drunk man to make me feel cute again” LOL
    I love that line b/c it’s soo true- LOL give me some captin, a short skirt and good dance beats and I can make anyone think i’m sexy lol.
    Peace & LOve

  44. I am very happy to have come across this site, since I have had self-esteem issues about my breast size since I was 13. I developed early and was a size 14 with 36DD bra size. Since then I have become a 38-40DD bra size but lost weight and have been 145 pounds for many years now. I am nearly 31 and proud that I look young for my age and fairly fit, but my breast size has always been a stumbling block to my self-esteem. Veronica’s post, in particular, made me feel great, because I can relate to her feelings and appreciate the love she has for her own body. I am trying very hard to cultivate that kind of love for my own body, and I know that’s something I have to do for myself. I do get annoyed, however, when I keep hearing about self-esteem issues about women and their breasts, and it always ends up being about small-breasted women. And then those women are encouraged by saying, “oh, well small breasts are ‘in’ now – that’s what men really want”. I guess that helps them out, but it makes many of us larger-chested women feel kind of crappy. Like we’re out of style or something. I do not believe in making one set of people feel good about themselves by making another set of people look bad.
    For the record, my husband loves my size, of my breasts and my entire body in fact, and I would probably be more confident and less self-conscious if it weren’t for highly insensitive and coarse remarks and perceptions made by both men and women on a daily basis. All of my female friends who are smaller-chested have a nasty habit of making some fairly crude comment about my chest, even though otherwise they say I’m beautiful. And I never, ever, make derogatory comments about their physique. Does that make any sense?
    I’ve thought about getting a breast reduction, but I feel it would only be to please the rest of the world. I want to feel good about myself without having to go under the knife!

  45. My boob job (and I am very happily married, told I’m quite attractive) is scheduled for May 2007. It was a Christmas present, by the way. I cannot wait, I’ve wanted this for over 20 years. Thise of you who want to dis women who have this done-why not try worrying about your own lives and stop worrying about what we’re doing with our bodies, aight?

  46. I have been very unhappy with my chest size as long as I can remember. I am pear shaped, so I have a curvy bum, but up top I am a 34a, and I feel completely out of proportion and live in padded bras to make me feel more womanly. I hate taking my bra off in front of men as I feel totally ridiculous, and I feel inferior around my larger breasted friends. I would love to get a boob job and go up to a C cup, as I feel I would look better naked, I would feel more comfortable with myself, and I would look better in clothes with some curves up top.
    I think if someone is unhappy with themselves and it brings them down and makes them unhappy, if the option is there to do something about it then go for it! It’s up to the individual to decide whether they should get surgery or not, and it shoudln’t matter what anyone else thinks or says about it, if it will make you happier then go for it. At the end of the day, we only get one life, and we should be making the most of it instead of feeling inferior and unhappy, and if by getting a boob job is going to make you feel happier and more comfortable in your skin then it’s a good idea.

  47. Hi people 🙂
    I have no desire to dis other women who have gotten or are interested in getting boob jobs (breast augmentation). I’m just tired of large-breasted women getting dissed by either their smaller-chested sisters or by disrespectful men. We well-endowed girls have just as much right to feel beautiful about ourselves as the A & B -cupped ladies out there. Hearing about boob jobs actually gives me an opportunity to feel kind of proud of what I have, that I have something that other women will pay thousands of $$ to get. When I look at it from that perspective, I can feel kind of lucky sometimes.
    But when I see ladies with large breasts, particularly myself, being made fun of and written off as bimbos or skanks or whatever, without their personalities or pretty faces or intelligence ever being considered, I get pretty irate.
    I know that more petite women with more slender builds sometimes wish they had bigger breasts feel more feminine and fill out their clothes better. My answer to that is, do what makes you happy, but at least, most of the time, people probably notice your great smile or good skin or pretty hair instead of talking to your chest. 🙂

  48. This issue of breast implants has always bothered me. Let me get these topics/points out of the way first:
    1) yes, people are entitled to their own decisions
    2) fake boobs are simply that…fake (so they are not “yours”)
    3)my response to this blog is not a focus on the medical reasons, for getting implants, as mentioned above, but will focus on the topic of women who have perfectly healthy natural breasts but feel the need to have them augmented.
    with those points in mind…….nothing, nothing can convince me otherwise, no complex detailed reason or explanation can be given for a women getting implants other than she is not happy with how they look, which is dependent on how much attention her breasts are getting.
    the focus here is “the attention” and that’s all what comes from spending those $$$. you gain nothing but attention…all that money, all that worry, all that loss of confidence because those 2 breasts are not getting attention.
    it’s one thing to diet and exercise, at least the body is using its natural processes to shape itself, but to use surgical procedures and to implant artificial material to reshape the body simply for that “attention” is sad. because its always about how others perceive your breasts. Because its always dependent on the attention of them by others.
    You can now go off on how its societal pressures and the constant overload of beauty in marketing and tv and fashion, etc. I don’t believe people are stupid. We all know that there is not one perfect idea of how breasts should look like, how legs should look like, how a guy’s chest should look like. People know this, and people anyway are attracted to a variety of physical appearances. People are not stupid, just sometimes weak. I’m sorry, but getting a boob job is not “bold”.
    I look at it this way: the decision to get a boob job is not a quick and easy one (because then it would just be excuses). This is a long, thought out, often-contemplated decision. A women is saying to herself that she is going to save enough money and get a surgical procedure done to her body, that she doesn’t require. That’s not bold. That’s weak…because you gave up on yourself. And not saying to yourself…”heh, what am I thinking!?!…I don’t need a boobjob! I don’t need attention of my boobs to be the factor that will determine whether or not I’m happy with my life.” NO, you didn’t do that. You lost to yourself, and “they” won…”they” who give those boobs attention.
    I know it all sounds harsh. I’m not trying to be. I know someone who went through this. she’s a good person, but she knows it now…she was weak, she gave up on herself, she gave in, she got those implants for “them”.
    And nothing, no explanation can convince me otherwise that that’s the reason why women decide to get implants.

  49. Fred, I think your statement was not harsh at all (although it may have sounded so to some of our more defensive boob job crusaders out there), but very insightful and truthful. I have always felt that the reasons you gave are the real reasons why a woman would want to get a breast augmentation. Ironically enough, even though I’m on the other end of the spectrum and sometimes feel the desperate need for a breast reduction, your message has actually made me realize that I would also let “them” – the people who choose to judge me, comment on me, or even admire me based only on my breast size – have the final victory. Thanks for your forthrightness.

  50. I’m a 48-year-old womaan who has lived with generous breasts since the age of 18. And yes, they’re still pretty perky. I’m about 5’1″ with a 36DD size.
    One other poster here mentioned two salient points. One, you have to deal with men talking to your chest, and two (the most annoying aspect) you can’t find dresses that fit. If I buy a dress, the top will fit but the lower part is about 6 inches too large, and vice versa.
    In my opinion, getting a breast implant unless you REALY need it, is akin to mutilation. I think small breasts look really nice on most women, and I can’t imagine what they have to complain about. I think it’s just the media. On TV and in the movies, all we see is perfectly skinny women with perfect, C-cup breasts. This just doesn’t happen in nature too often. And dears, big breasts don’t bring happiness, no matter how much you might long for them. Most of the time I dress in loose-fitting clothing because I am naturally shy and don’t like to be looked at.
    It has only been on rare occasions that I’ve shown off my bust. The result has always been that afterwards I feel kind of dirty and disappointed that men focus on that one body part. What about the rest? What about having great legs, or lustrous hair, or a bewitching smile? We all have body parts we don’t like (including me. I could write an encyclopedia). Why not just use your imagination and emphasize the lovely parts you DO have?
    And that’s all I have to say about that. By the way, how could anyone think that intelligence is in any way related to breast size?

  51. You wondered why a woman would have a breast reduction. I had one. My pain – from straps digging into my shoulders and actually cutting the skin and from constant skin infections (the skin under the breast can’t be kept dry) – is not worth any man’s pleasure. Not to mention the fact that breast cancer is much less likely to be discovered in a large breast than in a small one.
    The day I went to a B cup was the happiest day of my life.

  52. I should also add to the above – quite often with very large natural breasts, the ducts and nerves are so stretched out that the woman can’t feel anything and can’t nurse.

  53. I am having my breasts augmented next month. I live outside of the US and am paying an outrageous sum of over 12K USD to do this. As a feminist, I am struggling with this decision. I am petite and have lost ALL of my breast tissue while breastfeeding my children well into toddlerhood. I have low saggy nipples and a large ribcage. My husband supports any choice I make, but loves me whether my body is atrophied(the medical term for what my breasts have become) or ideal. I cannot wear almost any dresses and have a difficult time with clothes. I wear a 36 AAA bra. Try finding that.
    I travel to the third world and I know how privileged I am. I do not live extravagantly otherwise. I only want to be a B cup. What is ethical as far as beauty goes? Is a 100$ haircut acceptable in a world where children are begging for food? We all rationalize our choices and we are all wrong.
    I read lots of feminist theory when I was in school and I have seen a lot of the world. I am not influenced by Hollywood. I live in Asia and do not even have Network TV in English… This is my choice. Let women make their own decisions. Give us some credit!

  54. I have had a difficult road with self esteem like alot of women have. I had numerous (horrible) father figures growing up and a mother with small breasts whom based her self worth on her breast size. I never developed past her size and this haunted me. I am a 36A and have to buy my bras off the teenage training bra racks (which fit very well if you’re small!!) I thought I was going to get a boob job about 6-7 years ago. I am so glad I didn’t! Realistically they are fairly affordable. I mean come on, they are less than most of us pay to the government for taxes each year. Why not spend that much on yourself! I have no arguement about the intial cost. Hopefully though there are no complications!! No insurance company is going to cover any costs for any problems related to those implants!! So if you are just saving up for the surgery you might want to save extra in case of the numerous complications you may experience. Hate to have one pop and have you walking around lopsided until you can afford to get it fixed! Also if for any reason you need them removed you are probably going to look much worse than you “think” you look now. I really have to say that it is a self esteem issue! Why have I changed my mind about getting a boob job? The size or shape of my breasts have not changed, my self esteem and outlook has changed. I really had to ask myself why I was doing it. Yes my body had also changed after having 3 kids but was it worth surgery. My husband said he was happy with the way I was and did not care if I did it or not. Let me tell you guys – if this is the response you are giving your significant other – this is how it is heard from a low self esteemed woman thinking of having a boob job. “You would like my boobs augmented!” If you truly love your woman the way they are, you would be trying to talk them out of it and giving them reasurrance on how beautiful they are paying extra attention to their breasts you say you love so much. I am glad I got angry with his response because it triggered a road of self healing! Make a positive and a negative list of the proceedure. I think you will find if you are truly honest with yourself the negatives far out weigh the positives. Going into a deep sleep, so deep that you can not feel someone cutting on you is to close to death!! I have decided to save this for absolute emergencies! There are many exercises you can do that help lift and size — no it won’t happen overnight!
    If your man don’t love your body, you have the wrong man! I would rather be single the rest of my life than be with someone that hacked on my self esteem in this way. I have 3 children, 2 of them girls. I want them to feel beautiful being themselves. I never want to portray an image that you have to go to extremes risking your health and going through pain to please others and build a self esttem that will not last! Other things will sag too. How far will they go? Is it my business, well when it comes to my children and there future I believe it is. Everyone has choices and everyone is where there at because of the choices they have made. I have the choice to hang out with strong sincere people or waist my time with weak people that set an image I do not agree with. Is this harsh? probably, but it is where I am at with my life. I know I have an obligation to my children to set a good example and hopefully make there self esttem road easier than mine was. Self esteem is definately not built by hating others, I don’t hate them I actually feel sorry for them. I still have my husband that understands me and agrees with me now. I now know he loves me and my body. Do I feel sexy? Yes! Finally! When I am intimate, I am not thinking about my breast size, I am thinking about my man and how much I want him, and believe me there is nothing sexier to a mature man than his woman really wanting him. Girls, try it, you will be surprised how good it gets when you take your mind off yourselves! If he really loves you he will love ALL of you.
    Here is a true story about true self esteem: My aunt and I have something we find funny in common, I have one eye brow, she has one nipple. I got in a car wreck and was literally scalped, they pieced me back together fairly well but I was missing my eye brow and my eye could not close. They needed to do three plastic surgeries to reconstruct and give me an eye brow. I went through the first surgery and the pain was worse than the original wreck. My eye lid could close now but I had no eyebrow and I still had a pretty big scar. I said I don’t need no stinking eye brow! To this day I have one eyebrow! My aunt got breast cancer and had one breast removed. she went through several surgeries to reconstruct, the pain was bad! She needed a couple more surgeries to make a nipple. She said I don’t need no stinking nipple! To this day she has one nipple! She will show you if you want to see. She is not ashamed of it at all! She has no problem getting men either! We laughed when we told each other our stories and learned we said the same thing to our Drs. She is an inspiration to me!
    Be yourself girls! Be yourself boys!

  55. I should add to the above: If someone is getting a surgery to help better the quality of thier life because of health concerns such as back trouble ect. then I could understand completely. I am very athletic and could understand correcting something that could physically hinder you, which in turn could effect your health in the long run. But to date I haven’t heard of any health problems due to small breasts! If I am unaware of potential health risks due to small saggy breasts please let me know so I can reconsider surgery!

  56. The woman I was born to be has 36C sized breasts. That’s what I had from the time I was 16 until the time I was 25.
    Then I had 6 pregnancies, 4 live births and 3 long term breast feeding relationships with my kids. Now my body has size 36A breasts.
    I always give this analogy:
    If when a man had his first child, we told him, “If you let us cut off your nose, you can give your child the best, healthiest start in life”. Let’s say said man says sure, I’ll give up my nose if it will ensure my child is healthier and happier. He learns to live without his nose, because that’s the choice he made. Now, let’s say 10 years later, we go to him and say, “we can give you your nose back for 3000$ dollars.”
    No one would look at him twice for doing it.
    Yes, there are women with low self esteem, who just aren’t happy with the boobs they are given. But every woman I know who’ve had the surgery were moms who wanted to fix what had happened to their bodies. I consider that a reconstruction, no different than a cancer survivor has.
    I’m considering it myself.
    I think it’s our need to categorize, demean, judge and put down women (and a lot of women criticize out of jealousy) instead of truly looking into the whys of the situation. As everything in life, each situation is different and should be judged individually. Anytime you apply such blanket judgements, you are certain to just be wrong.
    I think the deeper question here is why do we/you feel the need to judge something that doesn’t affect you? Why do you have the need to group all into one category and apply a blanket statement? What sensitivities do you have to the situation that would lead you down that path?

  57. Also, for that argument of “being happy with what you’ve been given – why change it?”, I’d make the point that we spend our entire lives changing what we’ve been given.
    We exercise and tone to improve body shape. We buy ten zillion products to fight acne, condition our skin, and make our hair shiny and beautiful. We color our hair. We tan. We paint our fingers and wear makeup. We buy colored contacts, and choose clothing that brings out the blue in our eyes. We combat dandruff, straighten our teeth, oh and don’t get me started on teeth whitening products and toothpastes. How much hair do we remove from our bodies each day? Men sculpt their muscles, and shave inside their noses.
    Frankly, I don’t think anyone should have a breath to say about breast augmentation being a fix for low self esteem if they do ANY of the above.
    You shave your legs? That’s vain. You wear makeup? Vain too. Had your teeth whitened?
    Anyways – just a pet peeve of mine. Boobs are an easy target, but there isn’t a person on this string who’s not guilty of altering their body for the same exact reasons you are assuming women get boob jobs.

  58. Wow, a lot of judgemental comments here on what someone else chooses to do with their appearance and the way they choose to spend their money. I am of the opinion that many here have been picked on in a similar manner for maybe not being overweight or something and they are lashing out on those who love they way they look and take pride in their physical appearance.
    But I’ll stop with my own judgement call and just say that there are a lot of examples of bad boob jobs out there and people will naturally assume that it represents the majority of work done by doctors. Well, maybe it does. But you can get a great boob job, unfortunately, you’re not really going to see any on a porn movie. It amazes me that famous actresses and celebrities who have it done aren’t even going to good doctors (a certain Spice girl and Kate Beckinsale come to mind)….
    However, this is not what you’re getting at, is it? Let’s just say that, unless you make a living off your looks, you’re not going to understand plastic surgery. I have a breast job and someone who judges me solely on that (without getting to know me which you may still deem me without much depth but who cares, life is too short to live by what you think), then that person doing the judging needs to take a good long look in the mirror and ask, “Who is the shallow one here?”
    I mean, let’s get real — the whole self empowerment through staying natural thing – come on now. You’re telling me that, if science has a pill that made you lose twenty pounds in one day and it was safe (but not natural), most people wouldn’t take it? I’d bet my right finger that most people would.
    You either like yourself, period, or you don’t, and the opposite sex will know it, he or she will clue in on it, it has NOTHING TO DO with whether you have additions or subtractions to your body. Stop blaming those who turn it up a few notches. Beauty is intoxicating and those who have ever had a taste of it know what I am talking about. All woman can be beautiful [to a varying degree] – I’m not going to bother making a comment on inner beauty considering we are talking about adding bolt-ons – but as I say, don’t look down your nose at others who run out and get it.
    Speaking of the physical, I’ve got to hit the gym. Thanks for listening.

  59. I think fake boobs are great…almost every woman I’ve dated over the past several years has had a boob job and they are all beautiful, intelligent, professional women who certainly don’t lack self esteem or confidence. I think many of the boob job “haters” are just lonely frustrated, unattractive feminists or lesbians with hairy underarms and legs. If course I’m exaggerating, but I’m probably not too far off the mark.

  60. Hi all,
    I am not a fan of implants. I am not judging those who have them, nor their partners who like them. This is simply my opinion. I am very well informed now about the perils of implants- the complications, the risks, the need for future surgery (they do have a shelf-life, and will need to be replaced). The cost. The sheer pain. Feeling uncomfortable when you hug other people. Worrying that they may rupture if you have an accident. You’re less likely to be able to breast feed. You are more likely to lose breast sensation. The scars. Need to wear a bra 24/7. You are more likely to get stretch marks, due to the rapid size increase. You can’t sleep on your stomach. They feel cold. You have to have MRIs, and not standard breast scans. They feel fake- I was told by a leading plastic surgeron that my result was one of the best he had ever seen, but to me, and to my partner- they feel fake. Note that I do not have contracture, and have a good result, and they still feel fake. I haven’t even started on the potential health implications. The list goes on…
    I had 245cc Mentor saline breast implants (above the muscle, under the breast incision) at the age of 20, almost 4 years ago. I went from a 10A/B to a 10D. I do not have any medical complications as such (eg contracture, adhesions, health complications, etc), but have experienced back pain, shoulder pain, and most importantly- a pair of breasts that are too large for my frame, and that do no feel natural. I was told that ‘only a plastic surgeon to feel the breast implants’ (!!). I simply want them out, with no replacement. I did a great deal of research prior to having them, but was very young and naive, and very little of the info I have read talks about them not feeling natural! I had a highly traumatic surgery in terms of pain- I was not prepared for the pain, and was in hospital for 3 days with extreme pain. I thought it would be a breeze.
    They look great (apart from being too big) but that is about it. I am scared of having them taken out- mainly due to the concern of having ’empty breasts’. I am concerned about the big change, and not feeling feminine. I am also very scared about the pain- my original plastic surgeon said that based on my previous experience, I could be in hospital for a while. I know that they will never look the same as before (note- another comlication!!), and I am also currently in very supportive and frequent counseling, and am improving my self esteem (main reason why I got them originally) which helps. I am planning to have them out this July. The time has come!
    I am not judging those who have implants currently. It is not my place to judge anyone. I would simply like to inform potential breast implant recipients of the dangers that I was not informed of back in the year 2000 (there were no highly useful and informative anti implant support sites at that stage).
    Warm regards,

  61. Hi Mark,
    I’m glad that you’ve had a positive experience with augmented ladies. In my experience (I’m a psychologist), I have found that the majority of ladies I’ve spoken to get breast augmentations due to a lack of self-esteem. However, you have made a very good point- some do get them due to other reasons, such as breast cancer/partial breast removal, Poland’s Syndrome, severe asymmetry, or a highly underdeveloped pair of breasts. Any other reason I would put down to poor self-esteem or body dysmorphia. Some individuals may take a while to come to the realization that is was due to low self esteem, may become involved in maladaptive coping mechanisms, and appear very confident on the surface, but are often the least confident of all (I often say that those with the most severe issues have the biggest smiles because they have been repressing emotions for years). Again, these are just my observations.
    You have used quite strong words in your email to describe those who are not fans of implants. I’m wondering why you have defended the choice so vehemently? Perhaps your partners have been made fun of or quizzed closely as to why they got them? I would certainly not describe myself as a lonely frustrated, unattractive feminist/lesbian with hairy underarms and legs!! Creative use of wording though! 🙂

  62. To Nikki Jo,
    Come on, give us a break. Shaving your legs or wearing makeup is not in the same category as going into the hospital and paying thousands of dollars to have fake breasts.

  63. To anyone that thinks like Nikki Jo:
    Let me ask you this, “Do you have to sign papers to release liability from injury, complications, or death when you buy any of those products that promote cleanliness and health?” Straightening your teeth can prevent jaw problems later (haven’t heard of anyone dying from that) Washing yourself and shaving are two activities that make you feel clean and perhaps make you look better based on opinion, but I haven’t heard of any complications due to that either! Tanning do at your own risk (of looking older later and possible skin cancer) Exercise – last I heard it is GOOD for you! For all those other things mentioned I ask you this, “If and when you have severe chest pain and have to go to the hospital or call an ambulance, do you think one of the questions from the EMT/Paramedic/Doctor is going to be, “Have you colored or curled your hair recently, whitened your teeth recently, shaved your legs recently, or put on makeup this morning?” Being an EMT I can guarantee you those will not be questions you’re ever asked! Why? Because there not a health concern. Will one of the questions be, “Do you have breast implants?” Yes, this question will be asked because it would be relevant to the symptoms and could be the root of your problem! It is pretty clear that you can not compare implants to those other things.
    Reconstruction, well none of our bodies are going to stay the way they were from 16-25 having kids or not. Look at your typical 60 year old, “Do you think that is how they looked at 16-25? Even the 60 Year old that spends thousands of dollars on invasive anti-aging procedures, “Is that how they looked at 16-25? Nope! Other things change with child birth too! Are we going to go get our hip bones reconstructed? Some peoples rib cages change, should they go get that “fixed” They will probably figure out a surgery to give you your virginity back so you can “fix” that too. I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy 16-25 while you can because you won’t stay that way and then when your 25 to what ever age enjoy that too, because you won’t stay that way either! Reconstruct only to IMPROVE health!
    To anyone that thinks like Stiletto Girl:
    I think the comments and picture speaks for itself reinforcing my opinion!
    To anyone that thinks like Mark:
    It is funny how people that can not see past their superficial ways assume whomever(they haven’t seen of course) does not have the same superficial standards is ugly! I am certainly not ugly! I am told I am beautiful from a third party percpective all the time! Superficial attracts superficial and I guess the rest of us “ugly” people attract all the other “ugly” people! HeeHee! Funny my husband and I are both attractive individuals. I observe society and what I see is amazing! The people that seem to have the most issues are attractive people(not all attractive people of course)! They seem to be so worried about how they look and act! They already have a heads up by being beautiful or handsome, but it isn’t enough, they strive for more, they get obssessed with themselves and others that are like them. They deny this fact, but if their mirrors could talk they would tell us the real story! I am not a psychologist and can not tell you why they are doing this, but I am sure there is some underlying reason for their actions. Some will figure it out, some won’t. I got caught up with being attractive too and now I am bound and determined to change my ways of thinking letting my daughters and son know my opinion and try to steer them away from superficial practices that create a false sense of self esteem.
    To Amy:
    Your an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  64. To anyone that thinks like Stiletto Girl:
    I think the comments and picture speaks for itself reinforcing my opinion!
    And my picture and comment is relevant to your opinion exactly why now? Sorry but it’s hard to read minced words.
    Reconstruct only to IMPROVE health!
    Why is it that people who claim they are content with the way they are, criticize or obsess over what other people do? I mean, really, shouldn’t one just “mind their own?” I don’t doubt that you’re not some fat ugly cow but come on, if you are as happy and centered as you state you would naturally care less what anyone outside of your family sphere does. It wouldn’t stick in your craw. You are judging other people for having “superficial standards” but I find that people who are carefree and happy could really care less about the way others choose to live their life. They might comment and then they shrug it off and move on. The expression “to each their own” is something they truly live by.
    Then again, those who do the opposite usually come from a place of smug self righteous superiority. Sort of like extreme Christians.
    They will probably figure out a surgery to give you your virginity back so you can “fix” that too.
    It already exists.

  65. They will probably figure out a surgery to give you your virginity back so you can “fix” that too.
    It already exists. But before anyone protests just know that many Muslim women opt for it before they get sent off and shackled to their husbands. You know, so they don’t get BEATEN or MURDERED by the opposite sex for “disgracing” and “shaming” the family for losing their virginity beforehand since they are not considered pure anymore.

  66. Hello David, I think your view of breast surgery is pretty warped. If you think it’s ethically or morally wrong fair enough (although I don’t see how it is but that’s your opinion) then why do you think it’s OK in some circumstances? Women who have had breast cancer and end up with no breasts, or scarred ones, deserve the surgery and the boost to their self esteem. So do women who were born with little or no breast tissue. It’s not about pleasing men or fitting into surgeons opinions of what women should look like. It’s about someone’s own self-confidence, which is a complicated and private emotion that maybe people can’t understand. You’ll probably think I’m biased since I had breast surgery one month ago, and I now look and feel brilliant. Because I feel so good I now no longer care what people think of my body, ironically. I didn’t get it done so other people would think I looked good. I personally don’t like giant fake boobs which is why I went for a C cup and by today’s standards am still pretty small/average. And also, they aren’t artificaly mammary glands–all women have mammary glands, no matter how big their boobs are. The implants simply push out existing breast tissue, not affecting our ability to breastfeed or produce breast milk. Mine aren’t ‘done’ yet but already feel soft and have dropped back into my normal breast position. The silicone implant feels more natural than saline, which after all is a ball of water. But any woman who wants to get this done should not be looked down on or criticised for being immoral. We own our bodies and if we want to do something that makes us feel this good, then that’s just great.

  67. alex —
    Breast reconstruction because of illness replaces what was surgically removed in order to make the woman whole again.
    Breast enhancement because a woman is not pleased with the body she was born into is not the same thing. That sort of elective body modification is wish fulfillment.
    When a woman needs a surgical “self-esteem” boost consisting of the insertion of fake boobs is just sad — not quite pitiful — and it is a tremendous waste of money, body resources and the good will of modern humanity.

  68. So by your logic, breast cancer patients can only have breast implants up to the size they were before their cancer surgery? If they want to go bigger for their own reasons, you think that is a waste of money and the good will of modern humanity? Aside from the fact that, in my opinion, humanity’s goodwill has nothing to do with someone’s harmless personal choices about their own body, I think your argument is flawed because breast augmentation is not a medical necessity and is an elective procedure based on someone’s personal desire for their body. This is as true for breast cancer patients as it is for me and everyone else who had it done. I wasn’t pleased with the body I got, and a woman who has had breast cancer (and obviously went through a lot more suffering than me, I’m not taking away from that) isn’t pleased with her body either. So we both choose elective body modification as you said. Also I don’t see what is wrong with wish fulfillment–don’t we all try and achieve this every day in our own way, whether it’s looking for our ideal job or saving to travel the world…

  69. Yes, purchasing breasts merely because you don’t like yours is a waste of time, effort, money and it corrupts the modern spirit of all ancient souls.
    Fake breasts are not breasts. They are bags of silicone or saline pretending to be something they are not. Their job is to mock and fool the beauty of the gods and we’ll have none of that supported on this blog.
    Wishing is for children and the elderly and I am reminded of the old homily: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
    I think we’ve finished our roundabout — so unless something new is established, this conversation is over because we’re just repeating what’s already been argued.

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