After less than a week after being alive, the new Script Professor David W. Boles website already proudly hangs in the first few spots in a search for “Script Professor” on Google and MSN and Yahoo! and that is incredibly pleasing.
This is Google:

Script Professor Search Return for Google

Here’s MSN:

 Script Professor Search Return for MSN

Finally, Yahoo!

 Script Professor Search Return for Yahoo!

Registration is now open for classes that being January 9, 2006 and you can get a free preview right now by registering on the site and then emailing me there there to join the Writer’s Workshop.
We have also added some American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Norms classes there as well.

With Tangent Barracuda protecting all my email addresses from Spam and Viruses, I have created an email account — boles at — for all official business — so ping me over there if you need me!


  1. Hey clem —
    Part of it is longevity. The first listing on Google has been around many years as my original “Script Doctor” page. I decided to leave that page there since it is so highly indexed and then update it with information on and, so far anyway, it is all working well.

  2. That’s an excellent point, clem, especially with the new ways Google gives weight to websites. Links used to be really important to Google but now Google puts more emphasis on how long a web page has been active or updated — though updating page isn’t vital to getting a good ranking — and Google also looks to see how long your domain has been registered in the past and in the future! If you start a new website and only buy a single year for a domain registration you might look like a Spammer to Google because most Spammers only register a new domain for a year and then drop it when it gets Blacklisted.
    I was pleased with the Google rankings.
    MSN’s rankings were really interesting and varied and I found Chris’ article about that I did not know existed — THANKS CHRIS! He even grabbed the second slot in the search return. Impressive!
    Yahoo!, as usual, was incredibly disappointing. Nothing new there, though.

  3. Hello my Beloved Carla! —
    I haven’t decided yet what will happen with the free workshop.
    I’d love to keep it active somehow but if I’m teaching in the for-pay areas I won’t have much time to spend there and then it doesn’t become a showcase of what’s possible on or how it all works in the Real World and I don’t want the free area to become a place where I’m paying for bandwidth in a free-for-all.
    Maybe there’s a way to have a subset of “regulars” with new guests limited to a three day trial or something.
    Let me know if you have any ideas on the matter!

  4. Chris!
    I was surprised to see MSN ranked you second when searching for my site and I confess I find that a wonderful and wholly innovative way of linking and referring search returns. MSN is doing some interesting things, eh? MSN values blog entries and reputable search returns and that is fantastic news for us all.
    I, too, hope millions gain insight with the Script Professor! 😉 I started a Google AdWords campaign today — we’ll see if it shazams any business over there.
    You now have full access to the Writer’s Workshop preview! As ever, thanks for the email and thanks even more for the public support!

  5. Hmmm… 😕 I see your quandary.
    I like the regulars thing, since I’m a regular myself. 😉
    Care to hire me as a moderator for WW2005 forums? 😀

  6. Carla, where is your tip jar again (seriously!) I mean, I see the script professor’s tip jar on page one of script professor …

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