Here is the definitive list of Top Ten Chick Cars — and when we say “Chick Cars” we mean these are cars women should drive and no self-respecting man should be caught dead driving or even riding shotgun — because these cars have feminine curves, engaging personalities and bleed XX chromosomes.

We accept all barbs of sexism and small thinking because one cannot create a list like this without drawing lines and going for the funny of the reality:

1. Mini Cooper
2. Jeep Liberty
3. Volkswagen Beetle
4. Corvette
5. Nissan Maxima
6. Dodge Caravan
7. Mustang Convertible
8. Scion
9. Prius
10. Lamborghini
Tomorrow, we will provide the Top Ten Dude Cars.


  1. Best car ever! It’s so tiny and cute and fast. Definitely a chick car if there ever was one!

  2. I kind of like the Mini Cooper myself and would get one if we decided on getting a car.

  3. Hi Mik!
    There you are! We have missed you! Is your blog not operational? It seems to have been down for quite awhile now.
    The Mini is cute and tempting — buy one — but just don’t be seen in it.

  4. LOL! Mini Coopers rock!
    Given the choice though, I’d have to go for some kind of convertible four wheel drive. (convertible as in being able to put the roof down that is) 😀

  5. SUV rocks! (only if I have enough money to fuel it… )
    A car has to look like a car, not like a toy! 😀

  6. Yikes! Liberty looks like a shoe box!
    It has to be Grand Cherokee at least!!! I remember, first time seeing a Grand Cherokee while coming to the University from the airport after reaching US and instantly felling in live with the devilish look!
    Mitsubishi Pajero (AKA Montero) will also do….but my first choice will probably be a Land Rover (if I ever win a lottery! :D)

  7. Katha —
    Be careful! You are moving into the realm of the XY car — which we will discuss tomorrow.
    We need to find you something dainty and sweet to drive to match your effervescent personality.
    We fear a large car will be too hard for you to turn in traffic without a man to help you.

  8. A car reflects the personality of the owner! Who knows, may be my XY car would start demonstrating all the characteristics of my effervescent personality!
    If not, at lest I will be glad to have one solid excuse to look for ‘the man’ in my life!!! 😀

  9. Katha!
    Are you saying cars are not build to meet certain gender norms and codes?
    Doesn’t the world start oddly spinning if a man drives a woman car and vice versa?
    The next thing you’ll be telling me is dogs and cats are meant to live together!

  10. Are they? Who branded them?
    What happened when a woman drives a man’s car? The world stops spinning? I am curious.
    And, here you go with the ‘cats and dogs…’
    You can see the world the way you want to see!!! 😀

  11. Ha!
    They are branded by the Public Relations firms! I see you have Birds and Bees education, but you missed the Kia and Cherokee theory of gender assignment!
    When a woman drives a Man Car, yes, the world wobbles a bit and the entire universe goes a little bit more out of whack. It isn’t pretty.
    You got me on your “cats and dogs” link! Brillian!

  12. I didn’t miss the ‘Kia and Cherokee’ theory, (by the way, I don’t even consider Kia to be a car – at the most it can be called a living example of a bad automobile) – someone wanted to educate me on it while I was learning about the ‘birds and bees’ – but I didn’t pay much attention! 😀
    ‘The universe going out of whack isn’t pretty’ is a preconceived idea.
    The universe is always pretty in its own way – we need to see it!
    One of my very good friend’s dream car is either Maserati or Jaguar with all those lustrous curves and I find it very masculine! The only thing is I don’t even dare to be so expensive-dreamer!
    If ‘big’ equates ‘masculine’, what about an RV then? 😀

  13. Hi Katha!
    We are glad you understand about Kia — it isn’t really a car — it is more woman than car.
    A Jaguar is acceptable for you. The curves are, indeed, feminine, and would fit you. No real man should drive that car.
    “Big” is not “masculine”! It’s all about the way the form fits the function and how the function fits the road.

  14. After a year of constant blogging I decided to give it a rest, going to concentrate on some other projects for the time being.
    Keep checking a few blogs out here and there though.

  15. Hi Mik!
    I’m sorry to hear you are no longer blogging. I certainly understand your reasons, though, and we are always thrilled to have you here with us.

  16. A ‘black jags’ is the ultimate example of elegance/élan, regardless of gender!!! 😀
    If real men are so fragile about losing their manhood to drive a jaguar then they should drive those uncouth large trucks throughout their lives.

  17. Hi Katha! Ummm… thanks for proving my point today… “elegance/élan” ARE NOT masculine terms!
    Driving a Jag has nothing to do with fragility — it has to do with avoiding social scarring in the form of: “Hey, that dude’s driving a chick car!” as one passes down the street.
    Mmm…. trucks… as good as donuts to any man, Katha!

  18. I consider Denzel Washington (precisely in Pelican Brief, Courage Under Fire and Antwane Fisher) to be the most ‘elegant man’ I have ever seen!!!
    Richard Gere is a live epitome of élan!!!
    And, I think – both of them are men! Those terms have nothing to do with masculinity! 😀

  19. I’m curious to see the masculine car list.
    I knew a guy who bought a VW Beetle and I always wondered about him after that — not that there’s anything wrong with buying a VW. It just seemed to reveal some other side to his personality.
    I guess I couldn’t help associating the Beetle with women — especially with the flower holder in passenger’s compartment.
    If I was going to buy a new car, I’d consider getting a Scion and applying “car wrap” advertising to it for one of my online businesses. A Mini Cooper would also be a good car for this sort of thing as well.
    The cars I have right now are more functional than anything else: a Dodge mini-van for hauling the family and friends, a Grand Marquis for driving and a Toyota Camry.
    The Grand Marquis might not be the coolest car and is prone to get stuck in winter snow, but it is nice for driving on the expressways because people always get out of the fast lane to let you drive by!

  20. Chris!
    Well, you’ve hit upon the one “automatic opt out” of the car list from Chick Car to Dude Car — and that is taking a perfectly fine car and wrapping it in advertising. Only a Dude would do and that makes any car wrapped in advertising a Dude Car!
    You’re going to have to explain to our international audience why people move out of your way when you drive your Grand Marquis.

  21. Here are the Wikipedia entries for the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Ford Crown Victoria that show pictures of both cars.
    The Grand Marquis looks like a Crown “Vic” Police Intercepter from a distance — one of the models used by police for their patrols, so people driving 45 in the fast lane get over if they are paying attention to their rear-view mirror.
    I don’t have many problems with tailgaters because I’m usually going with the flow of traffic, but I’ve never had a problem with anyone trying to get too close to the Grand Marquis either.

  22. It’s ironic that my most American-type car, the Grand Marquis, was made in Canada.
    Ford is huge around here because of the Chicago Assembly and Chicago Heights Stamping plants, so having one of their products is always a good thing. Ford is also one of my office’s big clients also.
    The Toyota was made in Kentucky and they make their SUVs in Indiana, so it’s always good to support them!
    The Chrysler product was made in St. Louis — It’s a Plymouth Grand Voyager — it looks exactly like the Dodge model.

  23. Hi Chris!
    Excellent information, thanks! I spent the last hour reading all about the Ford Fleet models you linked. Cool stuff there! The ballistic side panels sound interesting as does the automatic fire suppression system.
    My mother used to have a white Mustang and, at that time, the Nebraska State Patrol were using a similar looking car in white with black trim. We’d be on I-80 on the way to visit grandpa and all the cars would part for us for the three hour trip. It was an amazing feeling of power as we passed a speeder who was slowing down. I always nodded my appreciation as we passed by. The look of shock on their faces was priceless!
    Thanks, too, for the link to the Chicago Assembly. Neat! I had no idea that kind of plant was still running with such a rich history.

  24. The Mustang must have been fun!
    Police are using Chevy Impalas a whole lot more because it might be more fuel efficient and handles better in the snow.
    It’s one of those cars that might be becoming a chick car in my area.
    There are a lot of women at work who seem to prefer this model.
    Of course, the top volume Chevy dealer in the greater Chicago area is owned by Alison Haggerty who might be more appealing to women than a male-owned place. I’ve noticed a lot of women have her name plate on their cars.

  25. Clearly I must not be a self-respecting man because I would love to own and drive both a Beetle and a Mini Cooper – more a Beetle because of its simplicity.
    Less is more, I say. Also makes for great mileage.

  26. Hi Chris!
    The Impalas are cute cars! No doubt about that!
    I, too, have noticed women usually put their names on a vanity license plate while men usually go for a street description like BgDddy, or KarMnstr, or some other silly name.

  27. I found the ultimate guy vehicle that combines the best of all worlds.
    A luxury vehicle truck base with rough and tumble qualities — built for all sorts of weekend fun ranging from tailgating at the stadium to taking over small countries.
    Check out the Maximog!

    The base vehicle is a highly modified Mercedes Benz Unimog chassis with a custom body, completely new power plant, computer controlled suspension, and integrated electrical, hydraulics and electronics systems. …
    The diverse range of accessories include a high performance Motorbike, an electrically powered UAV aircraft which can fly up to 10 miles away from the MaxiMog™ while transmitting back it’s position and live video, and an ROV teleoperated undersea vehicle.

    This vehicle is way cool!

  28. Hi Chris!
    That! Is! The! Car! Wowser! I want a Maximog right now! Just to look at and enjoy!
    Way cool, yeah, and glorious in ever aspect!

  29. Ouch, you cut me deep David, how can the mini cooper be the number 1 chick car. I’m a proud and straight owner of a 40th aniversary edition of the mini cooper S and it’s been the most fun to drive car I’ve ever owned. Until you’ve driven one and hung it round a 90 corner at 50 you havn’t experienced such handling in a sub 30k car.
    BTW this post loses credibility by leaving out the VW Golf Cabriolet, that would be my vote for the #1 chick car 🙂

  30. Dear Karl —
    We are sorry to hear you bought the wrong car. If you had come here sooner to ask if you were buying a Chick Car or not, we would have happily re-directed you to a Hummer.
    Yes, we have been forced to ride in a Mini before and you’re right it is a thrill to be rocketing around so fast in such a tiny toy car but the overall experience isn’t a manly rumble, but rather a girlish tittering that grates the nerves while the wind blows through our curls.
    You are right about the darling VW Golf Cabriolet — I think we just took our list to #11!

  31. Even though it’s a chick car, the VW Beetle is a pretty cool car.
    I had to rent a car rently, and I took the VW Beetle because it was the cheapest available. I was thinking about this post as I was hopping into the car.
    It has nice headroom, decent pickup, and felt good to drive.
    Speaking of VW Beetles, imagine if you were the police officer who had this assignment:
    From the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Police at the University of Cincinnati say it’s hard to be an imposing force when they’re driving the cutest car on campus.
    Police officers are tooling around in a Volkswagen Beetle that sports a ladybug cartoon figure on its side, imploring students to ”bug” them for information.

  32. Chris —
    A friend of mine gave me a ride in her new Beetle. I agree it is roomy and comfy and quiet and it handled the road and turns like a champ.
    But. It’s a. Chick Car. There’s no way getting around that as a Dude.

  33. i agree with a few on your list ie beetle but a corvette a girls car? since when? the corvette is the flagship of gm performance. also lambroghini is in my oppinion FAR from a girls car

  34. The mustang is more of a chick car then it used to be. I see more women driving then then men. It’s what I drive. Except for spinning the wheels in the winter, it’s a great car.

  35. I can’t say I agree about the Corvette. I’d take that off, bump everything down a notch, and put the Mazda Miata in the top slot. Not only is it a chick car, I’m not even certain a man over 5’7″ can fit in one.

  36. Not sure you can classify a Corvette as a chick car when the demographics of Corvette buyers are nearly always men.
    My advice? If you meet a chick who owns a Corvette, and she is single… marry her!

  37. Hi david!
    its me again!
    seeing as I’ve been in the maxima (after owning four) and the Lambo (owning 2) i sort of understand what ur saying.
    small cute and pretty isnt exactly the description of a car I would want, especially for us models, who exceed the 5″5 norm. sure girls like things hat are cute and pretty, becasue they want to be cute and pretty, becasue men want them to be cute and pretty, as men want things that are masculine and strong becasue they want to be masculine and strong becasue girls want them to be masculine and strong. however, things don’t only depend on your gender, it also depends on your status, meaning who you are in this world, work wise, your personality, and, what you’ve got in the bank. sorry if this is a brown thing to be saying but after owning 15 cars in the past 20 years, all bought by my dad, i know what i want in cars and thats luxury, speed, power, and class.
    as for the whole what makes a man a man, if a guy is going to own a strong masculine car, it doesnt matter how fantastic it is if it looks like a garbage dump on the inside. now THAT is a chick comment.
    ts true ladies want things that are practical and affordable, and actually have a use. its practical for u to buy a caravan if you are a soccer mom, for example.
    as for the beetle, do you know how mad i was when it came out for BARBIE? geez man i thought that girl had some taste! look at ken!!! she used to drive a convertible, 80’s style, that was okay but a BUG? that must have been the ‘out of work’ barbie editon. they should give Skipper a charger, that works, shes always been a motorhead.
    wait, wasn’t mini cooper driven by men in that movie?
    liberty is a piece of crap, i’d prefer a navigator.
    don’t even talk to be about the beetle, what an ugly name for a ‘girls’ car!
    i always thought the corvette to be old school and a guys car, you know, like those drag racing movies where the girl wearing a poodle skirt goes “Bobby! Don’t do it Bobby!” and the guy wearing the black leather jacket that doent fit him does ” I have to do it Cindy, I have to prove myself”. LOL
    hmmmm the maxima, thats hard, i guess im out of the loop with this one because this list says its a girl car, but nearly every guyanese person thats ever come to north america has owned one…i don’t really see why it would be a chick car.
    dodge caravan is a give away, its s mom car, sincethe woman is usually left with the kid, and for good reason. a kid would probably get mental damage if they witness thier dad crying or going insane after a throw up incident.
    mustang convertible, what the hell is that? ive never seen that ive only seen the mustang. ok dont tell me, i don’t want to know.
    scion? ARE U SERIOUS?? omg! that is such an insult! i want to see which stupid girls bought this car, they probably think if they get it they can get it modded quick, yea right! nothing can get the ewww out of that car. leave scion for it to build trucks for the men to drive, ladies!
    hmmm prius…i almost thoguht it said lotus! thank god i would have had a heart attack. a prius is for a timid girl, i think, who THINKS shes sporty, but shes just a poser. i mean its a rapid car, nice preset modding at its unveiling, and its hybrid, but still, it looks like an acura whos parents were cousins, if you kno what I mean.
    as for the lambo, i know lots of guys who drive those, but since demi moore had 1 in that charlie’s angels movie i can see why the veiw of it would change. but then, why do all hose rappers buy them? u should give them a call, but watch out! they might pop a cap in your ass.

  38. BTW, you should make the mitsubishi tarmac spyder the ultimate chick car. its only in concept now but still…maybe if we increase its popularity itll actually come into showrooms.

  39. Annika —
    You make excellent points — I tried to limit both lists to affordable in-production cars to make everything fairly fair and realistic.

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