If there is a reality show on television I will watch it and I will enjoy it and I will — usually — be furious with the winner because the person who wins is rarely a kind and gentle spirit.
The sort of person who wins a reality television show is ordinarily cruel and misbegotten and hateful.
The biggest and the best of all the reality shows is Big Brother, now in its seventh season on CBS.
Last year Keyser Soze won Big Brother 6 and it was a huge disappointment.
I’m back with Big Brother this year because the live feeds are irresistible. To be able to watch live on the internet 24/7 what is happening inside the Big Brother house is a terrific treat if you are interested in human behavior.
Janelle and Kaysar work out together while plotting against others in the house:

Big Brother 7

Here’s the Quad Shot where you can watch and listen to all four live feeds at the same time in the same Real Player screen.
You quickly become quite skilled at watching and listening to four separate conversations:

Big Brother 7

Even though Marcellas and Danielle are hanging out together, don’t be
They hate each other and neither hesitates for one second to tell us,
the world, and their fellow houseguests, how much they don’t get along:

Big Brother 7

you’re looking for some fun entertainment — with a dash of social
commentary bleeding between the laughter — beyond your television this
summer, sign up for the Big Brother 7 live feed.
If you do decide to buy into the show, beware you’ll have to peel
yourself away from your computer every night for the next three months
and those close to you will soon become “Big Brother 7 Orphans!”


  1. I love Big Brother! I watch it every year just like you. Isn’t it great to have Chicken George back?

  2. Heya soos!
    I know your a big BB fanatic, too!
    Yes, it’s great to have George back. I think it’s so funny how the BB6 people think he’s actually a threat. They have no clue as to the real dangers in the house!

  3. Hasn’t he always been a big baby, though? Gerry saved him in week one of their season — and Marcellas never forgave Gerry because he now felt he “owed” Gerry? Huh? Without Gerry we wouldn’t even be speaking the name “Marcellas” now.

  4. That’s for sure. He owes Gerry his post-reality life. Last year was toughest, huh? The “friendship” was such an awful group. It was hard to watch.

  5. Ugh. Maggie: Keyser Soze. She was ugly in every pore of her being. Do you have the feeds this year? What do you think of Dr. Will? Mike Boogie? Others?

  6. Of course I have the feeds. What kind of question is that then?
    Dr. Will is old. We’ve seen his game before. Mike Boogie is pretty boring and crude.
    I hope to see Allison leave this week.
    I do like Nakomis more now than on her first year. I think she’s pretty and funny even though she tries to be just the opposite.

  7. Allison is my least favorite.
    I hope Chicken George wins it all. He deserves the money. He is never cruel. He is also kind and humble.

  8. Yea and for all those reasons he won’t win. He’s too good to win. It will be someone ugly who wins like always.

  9. Oh nothing beats the live feeds! You can even watch them sleep after they’re done fighting all day! Hee hee. Let’s hope for a Janelle or Kaysar win this year!

  10. We are currently half way through the UK Verision ………..its driving me NUTZ and makes me so cross. Had great fun watching the UK Celeb version – Dennis Rodman was intriguing to watch.

  11. Ah, the UK version! That sounds like fun. It seems the USA version is pretty tame when it comes to the other, more “worldly” Big Brother houses. We’re in the “All-Star” season here — it’s pretty boring so far. Dennis Rodman would be a wild one to watch!

  12. There’s also a Filipino version of “Big Brother” as well called Pinoy Big Brother.
    I haven’t watched it, but my in-laws enjoyed watching it via The Filipino Channel on DirectTV.

  13. The sort of person who wins a reality television show is ordinarily cruel and misbegotten and hateful.
    Here’s an international twist that happened in Pinoy Big Brother — Teen Edition:
    Via Wikipedia:

    A Chinese-Filipino, Kim (Chiu) was never nominated by her co-teen housemates because of her sense of humor and her smile as well as her very positive disposition and sportsmanship that made her one of the early bets by the viewers to win.
    A semi-contortionist, Kim made everyone laugh with her stunts like crossing her two legs at the back of her head. She also sang songs and played the guitar with teen housemates Mikee, Matt and Gerald.
    A go-getter, she made sure she accomplished the tasks given to her by Big Brother without hesitation.
    Tasks include eating exotic Filipino delicacies, rope climbing in the garden and sticking out the tongue for an hour, just to name a few.
    She also participated in the group task to give Jamilla’s son, Miggy, who has cleft palate, the remaining four operations to be shouldered by some doctors at St. Lukes Hospital.

    In this case, a nice gal finished first!

  14. It’s crazy how many Big Brother shows there are all over the world, Chris!
    I am so glad a “good person” won the Pinoy version — but why do I feel if that winner competed in an American Big Brother show she’d be the first one voted out?
    Why do we resent goodness so much here and seek to punish it in every instance in competitive group settings?

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