We just finished writing the Google Apps Administrator Guide for Thomson Publishing and we are now Daring David Pogue.  We have composed the following missive to the master Mac author:

Dear David Pogue:

We are daring you — actually, DOUBLE SECRET daring you (and when “we” say dare we mean “I’ but there is more power in the collective imagination) — to ignore us.

We are coming at you — hard and heavy in all your safe places and in The New York Times Square tower — by writing two new Apple books for Thomson/Cengage Publishing due to hit international bookshelves soon:

Picture Yourself Learning Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard


Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

We are hungry.  We are dedicated.  We are fast.  We will outlive you!

Thank you.


David W. Boles (aka “The WordPunk“) Boles Books Writing and Publishing http://BolesBooks.com

NOTE: We have yet to actually send that note directly to Mr. Pogue for we are in fear of appearing ungrateful and inappropriate in the light of our ongoing love of his previously hard-won books on the Mac OS and Apple.

P.S.: We also mention here and now we are writing another new book for Thomson called Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1 and it includes a Bonus DVD for learning the signs and phrases.  Janna M. Sweenie is once again our co-author after our raging success writing Hand Jive:  American Sign Language for Real Life together.


  1. I don’t get it. What’s the dare?
    To figure out what the title of your books mean? 🙂
    –David Pogue

  2. David Pogue! My hero! I love your Missing Manuals. You built a great niche and I have heaps of respect for you. I also love the way you propagate and protect your brand across many domains.
    I guess the “dare” was to see if I could rile you up enough to push you over here to comment and validate my want to write books that match yours for friendliness and enjoyability. Heh!
    As for the wacky titles, you are right on point as usual �- the titles are my mouthfuls for now as I tried to push in all the series requirements into a single idea — I’m sure someone smarter will shape them into something more memorable for publication.
    Now I’m thinking of a fifth book in a whole new series: “Picture Yourself Daring David Pogue, Part 1” — I like the ring of it, the title words, and I think it’ll sell� now all I need is to capture you in various writing positions for full-color coverage on every page. SMILE!

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