When you do a search on the internet, are you more often looking for meaning or relevance? We search for: Meaning in others and relevance in our thoughts.

When you find what you are looking for online, do you more often
discover it on Google or Ask or Yahoo! or Live Search or some other

How often is what you are searching for found in the first three online search return results?

Do you have to “re-search” often?

Are you always able to find what you need on the internet — or are you sometimes forced offline to learn what you want?

When you go offline, where is the first place you choose to land to find relevance and meaning?


  1. Hi David,
    The reply to your question is – both.
    I do look for relevance and meaning – depending on my query.
    I mostly use “google” for general inquiry or some other scholarly sites.
    The search result/outcome depends on the “key words”, the closer I get, the happier I am about the result.
    99% time I find online what I am looking for, it is the online references that make me look offline.

  2. Are you saying you never goof off doing searches online, Katha?
    Do you have “Safe Search” turned on or off with Google?
    Have you ever used the words “nude” or “naked” in a Google search associated with any celebrity’s name? If yes, who? If not, why not? :mrgreen:

  3. Ha!!!
    I don’t think a “nude/naked celebrity” is fun to watch online…you never know which body part is original…. 😉
    Why waste time? Much better option is watch someone live…!

  4. Katha! You are so funny! 😀
    The whole fun of sleuthing celebrities nude online is trying to decide what is real and what is not! :mrgreen:
    How many celebrities have you been watching live? 😆

  5. I use google all the time and 90% of the time I find what I am looking for in the first page (the first 10 listings). Rarely I have to keep looking.

  6. Hi cardiogirl!
    So do you think you are bending the Google’s wishes in finding what you need in searches or is Google able to better anticipate your needs and wants and time goes on?

  7. I think it’s a combination of me getting better at defining my searches and Google anticipating what I am looking for.
    This is totally off topic, but is David W. Boles a real name or a pseudonym? I guess it doesn’t matter, but I got the impression there are seven people who contribute to make up David W. Boles. Just curious.

  8. Thanks for the extra info.
    If you click around our Page links at the top you can learn more about what goes on here.
    Yes, I use my real name, and we prefer commenters who do the same. 😀

  9. Not at all…not at alll…
    Too overtly exposed…too overtly hyped…
    I am not interested in “public property” at all!

  10. I search for relevance and meaning on the internet, I usually use google. I usually have to do several searches before I find what I am looking for. I sometimes post questions on my blog for input from others. I go to the library often and buy books from Amazon.

  11. Hi Marsha!
    Why do you think you need to keep searching on Google to find what you need? Are you not being specific enough or isn’t Google intuitive enough?
    Do you use other search engines with more success?

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