Lindsay Lohan was supposed to do jail time for a car chase — but ended up only serving 84 minutes of her four-day sentence:

Lindsay Lohan entered a Southern California jail on
November 15 – and walked out 84 minutes later. The 21-year-old actress
checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility in
Lynwood, California at 10:30 a.m. to serve a minimum 24-hour sentence
following an alleged car chase in July, and a crash in Beverly Hills in
May. In line with prison policy for releasing non-violent offenders due
to overcrowding, Lohan was released at 11:54 a.m.

What are we to make of a justice system that unjustly treats celebrities like Ms. Lohan and Paris Hilton
one way and other, ordinary, citizens — like the rest of us — who
struggle each day to live a moral and righteous life while being
punished by the same system of justice?

When young people
imitate bad behavior, bad behavior follows — and no fallen idols can
ever right the lost faith of the missing goodness.