The Inescapable Return of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a disgrace to America and a verified liar in the specific; and yet, I cannot get over this obligation of wonder that he has never left the consciousness of America. He is resurrected. He will return. Vengeance against us will be his. Trump still rules us from afar. He decides us. His hold over the feeble-minded, and the uneducated, is as strong as ever after his election loss and yet, for some reason, he is immaculately venerated by those he reviles. Does any reasonable person paying attention to abortion rights, the evisceration of voting rights, and the incongruous dismantling of OSHA worker protections not believe the game is already set and staged for a victorious Trump return in 2024? It appears to be all but inevitable now. The one chance we had to stop him — by standing up to the GOP in the Senate — failed miserably and miraculously. The Democrats are a proud, but unwily, gang of magnificent losers.

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Merrick Garland Will Not Save Us

When Joe Biden picked Merrick Garland — Obama’s previous transitory, Republican-appeasing, milquetoast nominee for the Supreme Court — as his Attorney General, the virtue signalling rang a false note of “gotcha revenge” to try to show Democrats that he, Big Joe Biden, was finishing the job Obama started while also attempting to poke Mitch McConnell in the glassy eye. Unfortunately for the United States, Merrick Garland as Attorney General, is turning out to be as popular as a turd in a fish bowl. Here’s why.

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The Sex Offender Registry: The Future Always Disappoints History

All our futures are carved by a history we did not live, and cannot share. There are some among us who are never able to recover from the trauma of childhood. Murder, death, illness, and sexual molestation, are all dark stars in the sky that look down upon us, and judge us for being unable to comprehend the constellation of their human conclusions.

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Lindsay Lohan Tells Us to F-Off!

When Lindsay Lohan appeared in open court this week with “F*ck U” written on the middle fingernail facing the judge sentencing her, we all heaved a sign of remorse that the young woman will never understand how to properly live by the common rules of society, or respect the mores and laws constructed to collectively protect us from the aberrant individual other like her.

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Surveilling the New Information Minority

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

I’d like to put forward the idea that by using surveillance and monitoring in our society as we progress through the Information Age we are creating new ‘information minorities’ – not those who are the least monitored and overwatched, those who are subject to the most surveillance and scrutiny, for whatever reason: state security, criminal justice, politics or ‘research.’

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Two Shoes for Eight Years

Yesterday in Iraq, Dubya got what he deserved as a furious local journalist tossed two shoes his way as the rest of the world gasped and guffawed.

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Stick a Pin in Sarkozy: He is Done

What we bind together and choose to fight defines our cultural values and our inherent morality and immoral choices.  When a French court ruled that voodoo dolls of French President Nicolas Sarkozy must be sold with a warning label indicating sticking pins in the toy hurts Sarkozy’s feelings, a small slice of intellectual freedom was preserved in the presumptive ridiculousness of the ruling:

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