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The Architecture of Belonging: Resurrecting Habeas Corpus

In a historic — and Bush-shattering 5-4 vote — the Supreme Court of the United States of America invoked its inherent authority to decide the law of the land.

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Lindsay Lohan Stiffs Justice in 84 Minutes

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to do jail time for a car chase — but ended up only serving 84 minutes of her four-day sentence:

Lindsay Lohan entered a Southern California jail on
November 15 – and walked out 84 minutes later. The 21-year-old actress
checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility in
Lynwood, California at 10:30 a.m. to serve a minimum 24-hour sentence
following an alleged car chase in July, and a crash in Beverly Hills in
May. In line with prison policy for releasing non-violent offenders due
to overcrowding, Lohan was released at 11:54 a.m.

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Loving Judge Judy

I am in love with Judge Judy.

She is smart, tough, funny, compassionate, and she can read a phony from a mile away and tells them she knows they’re a fake right to their face.

Judge Judy has many television judge imitators but none of them have ever touched her intellect or fun factor.

One of my favorite Judge Judy events happens when someone fumbles to answer a simple question by uttering, “Um…” as a response and she immediately snaps at them and says, “‘Um’ is not an answer!” I am also quite fond of her philosophy, “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.”

As we grow older and win more experience, our gut guides us to truths we know are hidden by layers of deception.

If we begin to think more like Judge Judy — What you’re telling me doesn’t make sense, so it isn’t true — I think we’d be in a better place in our neighborhoods and together in our standing as a nation.

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Perverts at the Screen Door

NBC news, in association with Perverted Justice, have now taped and aired three televisions programs — and all subsequently re-aired on MSNBC — where pedophiles are entrapped in online chat rooms and in-person “meetings” are set up between the pretend underage teen and the alleged pervert.

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by Janet Hanna

For what exactly am I waiting?
The grocery line to hurry
The tiny age lines around my mouth to harden
The friend who doesn’t return a call
An enemy to soften
The finality of Armageddon
My clothes to dry
Justice, perhaps, even world peace
The heat to come on
A Summer vacation
My child to be grateful
The coffee to perk.
My mother’s approval,
I used to think,
Was worth the wait.

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