All books must be of the world. 

Books are required by their very nature to reflect the values and conscience of the author as well as the world currently framing the context of the word.

Too often technical books and computer books are not of the world; they are instead stale and bone-dry and have no sense of humor or spirit or effective memes or identifiable passion and magnitude.

Current events and poems and the news and response cries and personality and dreams and wishes and colloquialisms are required to be embedded in the sinew of any book written by all authors. 

Why should a computer book be less compelling than an Epic Poem or a Fantasy Novel?

Technical books must sing and twirl and express joy — or the journey created for the reader is dull and rote — and that goes against the craft of the writer who must forever aspire to higher leanings and who must always lift the reader from pinnacle to pinnacle while avoiding the pitfalls of temptation and merely writing to fill pages instead of brimming imagination.