There’s evolution going on around you and it has nothing to do with genes or survival of the fittest — no, this movement is about the rise of silicone and the fakery of pseudo-animatrons pretending to be people.

You may have heard about the Real Doll phenomenon where — for around $5,000.00USD — you can go online and design your full-bodied, all-real-silicone-fake, girlfriend, personal whore, or sex kitten. Every man’s wet dream — a woman who will never say “no” — is now but a moment away from eternal release. First you pick a face:

Then you get to design her body parts:

Then you get to play with all her holes — the lips (both places), the mouth, the vagina and the anus are, as I understand it, are made of a “softer, but less robust” silicone that feels like the real thing.

The breasts are made of super-tough, but soft, silicone because they have to stand up to much more rough and tough play than the open orifices.

Then, when you’re done jacking off on a hundred pound chunk of designer silicone, you can take the next step in pseudo-animatronic evolution and buy a Designer Baby — a “Reborn” for around $2,000.00USD — that you can watch dead in its crib as you pretend to give it life with your “Ooohhs” and “Aaahhs” that replace actual mothering and fathering.

Every woman’s dry hump — a child who always listens — is now but a moment away from eternal rebirth. Notice the realistic milk spots and the preemie fingernail cuts under the eyes?

The fun doesn’t stop in the adoration stage of what looks like a dead baby in a silicone body — there are no dirty diapers to change, there’s no crying and, best of all, you can walk your baby around town in a pram and have total strangers tell you how real your fake baby looks.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof for your eyes and ears.

How do you feel about the rise of the Nuclear Silicone Family? Is loving silicone in human form creepy or reassuring?

Does silicone test our capacity to love or condemn us all in the attempt? How many Real Dolls and Reborns will you be ordering?


  1. Reading your post, I felt slightly ill. What is this world coming to?
    Then watching the YouTube clip, I just felt sorry for the ladies wanting substitutes. It especially tugged at my own heart strings because I also want my own kids and may end up only having the 2 step-children. I think having a baby doll would not ultimately ease the heart ache, but rather amplify it, because it is not real. Needless to say, I will not be ordering any 😉

  2. I think this is kinda creepy and rather telling about society as a whole ( no pun intended).
    I will start with a question – is there an equivalent male silicone model? I bet there isn’t.
    So one could say there is a group of men out there who are incapable of forming real life relationships with real women – so they have to substitute with silicone models. That is one lot of damaged men – ones who lack interpersonal, social and relationship skills – how did that happen?
    One could also say that it is about the objectification of women.
    One could also say it is a fetish – the blow up doll has been around for a while – they even come with bondage restraints now.
    Now to the babies which I presume are being mostly aimed at and bought by the female market as opposed to the male market.
    I wonder if they are being bought as substitutes for a lost child, a stillborn child, or for a child that they can never have – or if they are in the designer accessory bracket?
    One thing it does highlight – the old adage about men wanting sex and women wanting children and family and the women will *invest* in sex to get their family.

  3. Hey natzgal!
    Thanks for your comment! I always appreciate your blunt insight. The idea of “step-children” has always fascinated me in that we are supposed to consider them our “children” and never use the word “step” to suggest distance. I have “step” brothers and I would never call them my brothers because they are not — but the sociological push to get parents to make no differentiation between the “step” and the “biological” is one of great interest.
    I’m glad you watched the YouTube clip because it is, as you say, entirely heartbreaking. These women are lost in their own sorrow and seek salvation not in The Baby Jesus, but in a silicone baby made to look like the real being they lost.

  4. Nicola!
    I am especially interested in your take on this.
    There are now Real Doll men! But the market is Gay men, not straight women. 😀
    I remember watching a story about a guy who had his own cottage industry repairing Real Dolls who were damaged in their lives. He said the rubber vaginas were mauled, burned, stuck with nails, ripped, gouged, glued and sewn shut and the legs, he claimed, could only be broken at the hip due to massive physical abuse. He said he shuddered at what these men were doing to their “dolls” but he also said he was glad they were taking out their rage on silicone instead of the real thing.
    Yes, the Fake Babies seems to be an entirely female phenomenon. The men in these women’s lives look sick to me. They know it is insane to spend $600 dollars on baby designer clothes, but to bring their wives back to reality is to crush the entirety of them. And so they play along that the rubber baby is a real baby. Watch the video! This is a phenomenon based in the UK! 😉

  5. Ah male dolls for the male market ……. do I sniff testosterone here?
    I am not at all surprised about what the *Real Doll Doctor* had to deal with.
    One one hand I am glad it is silicone dolls taking the flak – on the other hand I feel a great sadness and a deep sense of unease that such a large number of men need to treat “women” or “substitute women” in such a horrifying manner – what has damaged them that much? The sooner we find out the better and try and prevent it.
    I did watch the video and found it heart rending.
    I felt the partners involved were totally at a loss to understand what was going on – and were very ill equipped to deal with the situation and were prepared to let their wives get on with it just for some peace and quiet – and in one case I thought it was so he didn’t feel so guilty about his own expensive hobby of racing cars and bikes.
    The grandmother whose grandson went to NZ – surely they would be better off spending all that money on visiting their daughter and grandson – or maybe there was an unspoken storyline there that was not explored fully ?

  6. Ick, ugh, yuck – the whole idea is abhorrent. Have we not already problems with too many human beings on the planet without adding innumerable ersatz ones. I think the concept of “imaginary friend” is much more earth friendly. G

  7. Nicola —
    Right! The “Real Doll Hospital” surgeon feels he’s doing a good job in fixing up the abused dolls and sending them back for more — let’s hope those men keep to the fake flesh and aren’t merely practicing for their time with the real.
    I remember the doctor saying about one particularly damaged doll with a broken hip joint that the only way to break a metal ball-and-socket joint like that was with 700 pounds of direct, mechanical, pressure that would take her leg behind her head, down her back and around again to the side. *Shudder!*
    The movie is broken up into 5 parts on YouTube. I posted the link to part 3 because it touches of most of the issues. If you watch the whole thing, you think early on the grandmother lost her grandchild in some horrible way and he’s dead — when he only moved to New Zealand! I agree… can’t they visit instead of spending a fortune on a doll baby?
    It gives you a whole new feeling of creepiness.
    I somehow think those women need to be confronted with the truth that they are doll collectors and not mommies. That one woman had 6 prams in her fake baby nursery. How sad!

  8. What an excellent way to connect the two fakes – babies and the mother figures that are normally the ones who bring forth the babies.
    It made me sad but I giggled when the woman in the supermarket asked the other woman if she wanted to buy her baby.

  9. Thanks for the original link to the Fake Baby movie, Gordon.
    That scene you mention is from Part 1 of the movie and the woman doing the asking about buy is the woman who makes and sells the dolls!
    That’s her advertising campaign: Walk the streets and stores with her “art in a pram” and entice people into buying the “realness” of her fake babies. Brilliant marketing scheme, that.

  10. I guess in a way I do that, too with buttons – I wear them on my “murse” and when people ask me where I got them I tell them I made them and they’re a mere buck. You wouldn’t believe the number of bucks that come out.
    “Just a buck” is a mentality I have found works wonders for business where the cost of making the product is about 2 cents. 🙂

  11. Sad yes and probably mentally disturbed to some extent on some level. The cynic in me says be grateful they are self medicating (both groups) – the observer of society in me is screaming WHY?
    As an aside I know one poor woman who was tied up over a chair consensually ( ie she had agreed to a bondage session ) – and then aggressively raped ( which she had not agreed to or negotiated for ) – she sustained a broken hip amongst other injuries when the force broke the chair she was tied over.

  12. Self-medicating is always dangerous. You have no reference point for average so you always overcompensate instead of going the other way.
    That’s a terrible story about the raped woman. Was the aggressor prosecuted?

  13. Well, David. Perhaps this might be another way I could get my HIV patients to practice safe sex.
    I admit it’s way creepier than a wax museum, but I’ll suggest anything to stop the spread of this devastating disease.
    Do you have a link for purchase?

  14. Hi dmtessi!
    Do you want a link for the Real Dolls or the Reborns?
    JUST KIDDING! :mrgreen:
    Good to have you back with us! I like your thinking that these Real Dolls can be a fine way to have some private and intimate moments that are safer sexual experiences. Once can also play and wonder and experiment without feeling embarrassed. I’ve read about some men who actually sleep with their Real Dolls and consider them sentient beings. Who are we to argue? Let them have their peace and their satisfaction.
    Here’s the link… beware it is not safe for work:

  15. Maybe I should have put – they have coping mechanisms – rather than self medicating.
    The aggressor was prosecuted and convicted.
    – wincing at the double pun “Just kidding”

  16. I loved the self-medicating line, Nicola! I thought it was very smart. I am ignoring your correction. 😀
    I’m glad the aggressor was punished.
    Yikes! I missed the “kid”ding pun! Good eye! 😆

  17. Oh wow David! You cut straight to the chase, don’t you 😉 Step-kids vs bio-kids is my BIG, BIG issue right now. And I’m really struggling to define my role. But I won’t clog your blog with the details. At some point (hopefully soon), I will write about it in my blog.

  18. Angela Face # 10 eerily looks like my neighbor down the block right down to the curly do!
    Which makes me wonder whether molds of real people are used for Real Dolls?
    This is sounding more and more like a Michael Crichton novel.
    Do I dare visit the website?

  19. Hi David,
    I guess we are heading towards a time where robots will be our only companion – and we will be happy with it. Because they don’t have a mind of their own!

  20. dmtessi!
    That’s so funny! I love how all the dolls are mouth-breathers… or are their mouths all open for another reason? 😉
    I think the Real Dolls models are inspired by workers for the company so no one can claim their face is being used. You can also mix and match any eye color, nose, etc. to create the monster — I mean, doll — that turns you on…
    You must visit the website! Build your neighbor, see how much she costs, and send her the bill! :mrgreen:

  21. That’s a fine analysis, Katha! We’ll be surrounded by our own creations and call them company and daughter and lover and whore… what a world!
    Will some of us build private armies of silicone soldiers under the “right to bear arms” banner? “Why, that’s not a gun! That’s actually her arm!”

  22. Right, Katha!
    How soon will the robots be controlling us? They’ll make our decisions, write our checks, drive our cars and tell us when we’ve taken in too many calories… and if we protest, they’ll tell their government robot buddies and we’ll be punished with an immediate tax or incarceration.

  23. I loved you blog, but I think you are looking at reborning from a very negative perspective. I am a reborn artist, and I do not make them to replace real human life. I have two children of my own who are very real…and they let me know it 😉 I make reborns because like any other art form it is a way to express creativity. I am also a writer, photographer and sculptor. My main buyers are not lonely women who want a baby to cuddle and pretend with, but wealthy people who like to add to their accumulation of possessions and folks who want their spoiled children to have a very expensive doll to tear apart. Why is reborning any different than the porcelain or composition dolls of the past? For many centuries people have found dolls “creepy”. Perhaps this is similar to the fact that we can hug stuffed rabbits and bears, eat rabbit and bear meat yet get repulsed at the idea of touching/seeing/being near dead human tissue. I would just like to point out that reborning is an art form, and no matter how you choose to look at it, it does not merely cater to sterile women. Now, about the Real Doll, that could be considered slightly odd because they are not meant to be an art form, they are meant to replace real human touch and intimacy, and that can get a bit odd…though I won’t say they aren’t fascinating.

  24. Hi. I read the article and many comments. You refer to men who can’t form relationships with women. I am a 45/Single/White/male, with a disability. I have never had a girlfriend, never had sex and normal girls probably think I’m creepy, crazy, etc. I go to socials for people with disabilities, however they are overwhelmingly male. My psychiatrist said that in the disabled population, there are about four men for every girl. That means most disabled men are stuck. The ones I know don’t have girlfriends. What are we supposed to do? I would love to have a relationship with a real girl, but it hasn’t happened in 45 years? I feel a sex doll would be the humane thing to do. Any comments? My email is [deleted], since I may not find this site again. Thank you for listening.

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