When we were notified by Google that Video was coming to Google Apps Premier — sans SSL protection — we were excited to add video to Boles University.

We set up the video service in our GApps dashboard.

We uploaded a few videos.

We set a CNAME redirect to http://video.bolesuniversity.com and now, after two weeks, we still cannot use the service.

cannot see the videos we uploaded — even though our dashboard
indicates they are there — our users cannot access our videos.  Many
times we hit the video URL domain redirect and we end up with a blank

We contacted Google paid support.

They asked us questions.

We gave them screenshots.

They stopped responding.

We contacted them for an update.

Google will not respond.

Google is terrible at technical support.

They first try to blame you when all the evidence points at their error.

will spin you around and around and around asking you the same, inane,
questions over and over and over again unless and until you give in,
get angry, or just decide to stop caring.  You never get the feeling
Google ever cares about actually fixing their backend for you.

When tech support fails at Google where do you turn?

Back to Google?

is no clear chain of command to lift your complaint higher in the
company.  If your initial responder is uninterested, or incapable, of
fixing your problem — tough luck — you’re on your own.

don’t find that a ready way to run a company and, in comparison,
Microsoft does a much better job of supporting the end user with a
clear and mandated chain of custody for your complaint or problem.

like knowing our problem will eventually be resolved in our favor —
even if it takes awhile — and Microsoft aces Google by continuing to
king the customer.

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