We love a grumpy Gordon Ramsay.  Last night, on the terrible Fox Network, Gordon Ramsay made his unwatchable debut as a live cooking host.

The name of the show — Gordon Ramsay’s Cookalong Live — should be the first clue that the show is more sap than substance.

Gordon rushed on stage to teach three celebrities how to cook and he was so hyper one wondered what pills he’d popped before he freshened up our screen with his surgically refreshed face.

The hook of the show was people all over the USA “cooking along” with Ramsay — but the quality of those remote connections was tasteless, bitter, malnourished and unleavened in every way.

Yes, Gordon Ramsay’s live cooking show — where the director had no idea what to focus on for an hour — is even worse than that other Fox dud:  “Osbournes Reloaded.”

The uncomfortable reality for Gordon Ramsay fans watching live last night was the realization that he is but two things — a screamer and a filthy mouth — and when you take away both of those hallmarks, you must accept the man is truly unwatchable, empty and fallow.


  1. What a terrible disappointment, David!
    My experience with watching Gordon Ramsay demonstrating cooking came from this youtube video which I love

    I thought the show would be pretty much like that.

  2. I don’t know why they had to go the “celebrity” route with the “students,” Gordon. It made Ramsay even more hyper and nervous as he tried to cook his meal and the meals of the three celebs in studio with him. Whoopi Goldberg — cooking from home with her adult daughter — looked and sounded awful on the remote camera. A total and complete loss.

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