I don’t know if the rise in a bad economy is responsible for a similar rise in Bad Voice Mail Performance — but there has to be a correlation somewhere! 

When you leave a Voice Mail message, be brief.  Get to the point.  Do not just say “call me” and hang up.  Provide information and the action you need me to take, if any.

When you create a Voice Mail greeting, be brief.  Just saying your name is enough.  Don’t make us sit through your script as a captive caller.  Set us free to speak as soon as possible.

For some reason lately, silliness reigns in the Voice Mail people leave and in the Voice Mail Greetings they create.

Sometimes skits are performed in silly voices.

Sometimes only guttural sounds are uttered.

One time I thought I heard music playing as the accompaniment to the sung message!

Have you ever been the victim of a Bad Voice Mail Message/Greeting Performance?  If not, I’ll warn you now they are almost as annoying as the phantom phones ringing in radio commercials!

If you have had to set through a bad recorded performance, what methods did the culprit use that made you want to smash your phone handset into the fourth wall?


  1. When I know that someone is serious about their messages, I only leave serious messages.
    For my dear friends who know and expect my insanity, I sing my messages. Mind you, I don’t sing a song to them. I sing the words to my message.
    No offers for off-off-off Broadway musicals yet ūüôā

  2. “Hi, this is Katha…I am unable to take your call now — please leave your name and number — I will get back to you as soon as I can, thanks!”
    This is when I am in a civilized mode.
    “Hey, you know what…I don’t feel like talking now….will get back to you later if I like your voice enough….”
    It goes without saying – this message is definitely not there in my official phone and those who reach me in this number are equally insane…

  3. It is strange how so many people find a delight in dealing with a machine that records their voice. It makes you wonder what they’re like in a real life conversation.

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