The history of the African-American experience in America is one of a human rage colored in Black and The Blues. 

You sing Gospel music to celebrate your creation.

You sing The Blues to ask God why you’re picked to suffer.

You sing Soul to reclaim the identity of a lost culture.

What is it about The Blues that so succinctly expresses the Black experience in America? 

Is it the Devil Tone?

Is it the recognition and the shock of living a flawed and human life under a lawless repression?

The Blues excuse the sad lot of slavery and Racism in America, or are
The Blues more of a salve for the harrowing human injustices whipped
into an entire culture of undervalued people?


  1. The Blues are beautiful, David. They express with music what cannot be expressed in plain words.

  2. This is sure something of an article. Had to think about it and read again. I guess it is true that a lot of African American history is told in the songs of their culture.

  3. Music has always played a significant role in expressing social issues; the Blues is a living example of the same. I think it’s the message in the song along with a crisp tone that separates the blues from any other genre.

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