Last week, Janna was in Greenwich Village, and she happened upon a street filming scene near Washington Square Park starring Donald Trump.  She snagged The Donald in action with her iPhone.  Who knew then what we know now:  Trump was filming the opening for last night’s live “Celebrity Apprentice” finale.

I’m sure there were three cuts of the opening shot:  One proclaiming Bret Michaels was live in studio, another letting us know Bret could not attend because of the hole in his heart and the lingering explosion in his head, and finally, a version that expressed sorrow that Bret Michaels had died, but that the show would soldier on celebrating his spirit.

Bret Michales won the Celebrity Apprentice last night — how could he not for all the drama he’d been through in his personal life — and it was a sweet defeat for the rather nasty Holly Robinson Peete.

Bret was always positive and supportive throughout the show, while his nemesis, Ms. Robinson Peete, was the reincarnation of the monstrous Joan Rivers and her evil spawn of a daughter, Melissa.

Even Ms. Robinson Peete’s son wanted Bret to win.

The final task for the hopeful apprentices was to create a Snapple tea for charity.  Holly’s supported Autism research while Bret’s favored funding a cure for Diabetes.

In the end, there was no question Bret had the superior overall advertising campaign for Snapple — his medical problems in no way induced the final, winning, result — he would have won even if he didn’t fall ill.

We’ve always admired Bret Michaels’ “roll with the punches” philosophy of living, and we’re certain that good attitude comes from having to live with the burden of insulin injections all his life.

You make do with what you’re dealt, and sometimes you can turn adversity into a winning hand — and we are so purely delighted to finally have a Celebrity Apprentice we can support, and cheer, to the rafters.


  1. It really is good to have a nice winning Celebrity Apprentice like Bret — even if he was the reason behind the very silly show Rock of Love! 🙂

    1. Yes, his dating show was really strange — especially since it looks like he’s been living with his girlfriend/wife/babymama and two daughters in Arizona!

      That said, his “Rock of Love” reality show is still the highest rated show in VH1 history.

    1. Thank you for the image, Janna! We suspected it was Celebrity Apprentice-related, but we also thought me might be filming a commercial or something.

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