Perez Hilton is one of the most despicable people of the earth.  Obviously bullied and put-upon as a child, he seeks his revenge as an adult against those who are prettier, richer and more powerful than he could ever dream to be — and he courts that cruelty by flaying the filthy from a virtual throne.  Whether he did or didn’t — concerning Miley Cyrus and an upskirt view — is a conundrum for another day, but the loathsome fact that ABC pulled its advertising from Perez Hilton’s website because of the Cyrus non-event is astounding.

So all these years that Perez Hilton has been using an image editor to draw dripping semen stains from the mouths of both male and female celebrities — was alright with ABC, right?

All the years Perez Hilton wrote “Slut” and other disgusting words across the faces of celebrities he covers on his blog — that, too, was alright with ABC, right?

Perez is a walking hypocrisy — so it makes sense on an emotional genetic level that he would entertain, and take money from, hypocrite television networks — but the rest of us know better than to think for a second that ABC was suddenly offended by Hilton’s recent Cyrus ugliness.

ABC bought into the Perez Hilton hate farce full bore and their convenient outrage is laughable and non-beguiling.

Perez Hilton is about suckling the teat of fame — and fails to find honor or purpose in that work — and his lack of basic civility, talent, and human morality doesn’t make him a power-broker but rather a deficit-attention pseudo-stalker who lives for the virtual shakedown and the trembling of stars in the red carpet night sky.

The weak and the misbegotten gave Perez Hilton his invisible power, and the moment the rest of us stand up against him, and his unvirtuous kind, and disavow any interest whatsoever in what he’s pimping throughout the day for consumption and destruction — the better off we’ll all be as we begin to see again the light of our true selves reflected in the deserving and warm, smiling, faces of the ordinary rest of us around us.


  1. The only vaguely interesting thing about Perez is that, like Drudge had with his Lewinsky news, he occasionally posts something interesting before anyone else does.

    That, and he occasionally helps break a pretty awesome musician.

    Occasionally. The rest is barely above smut.

    1. What news has he broken, Gordon? I find his on-air stuff that he claims as being “exclusive” to be about a half a day behind the other gossip sites.

      What music acts has he broken?

      1. The English musician Mika owes a lot of his popularity to Perez.

        I think he doesn’t do real exclusive stuff anymore but a few years ago he seemed fresher — when he was up at five in the morning and posting all day long. Then again, maybe I just got caught up in the hype surrounding him at the time.

        1. If he were to dedicate his “power” and blog to discovering and promoting new acts — I’d respect and support that.

          He did push Travis Garland on American Idol this season — and it was a complete flop — proving, it seems, that Perez Hilton really has no taste in music.

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