A while ago, I did a Google search for “ass burger” — and while I can’t remember the why or wherefore, I do remember grabbing this screenshot of the event so we could discuss this later — meaning now.  I wonder how “Asperger” feels being included in a Google search return for “ass burger?”  Is this search return an example of “searching by sound” and not by rational context?  I can’t imagine “ass burger” is a common misspelling for “Asperger.”

Do you think “ass burger” for “Asperger” is some kind of new Google “aural search” sound-alike results return?

If so, I’m sort of impressed with the result, because sometimes people do spells words by how they sound, and not always as they are properly spelled — but if we’re going with the sound-alike theory, what, then, do you make of this Google search I just performed for “asperger” —

Why isn’t “ass burger” listed anywhere in that result return?

Is it aurally fair to search for “ass burger” and get back “Asperger” — but when you conversely search for “asperger” — you don’t get back any bites on “ass burger?”

Have we discovered the first example of “Reverse Contextual Aural Discrimination” — or is something even more unseemly, and unpronounceable, at play behind the golden Google curtain?

I wonder if it’s a good thing that Google offers this sort of keen listening skill when it comes to text searching — we already know Google are still struggling to figure out the hoary difference between CUNT and CUNY — and we should all take heed that sometimes what sounds alike is never something we’d actually want contextually linked back for distribution and discussion.


  1. Ass burger is probably deep in the results because results without it are probably considered more relevant to someone searching for asperger information than someone who wants a chuckle out of the ass burger police man video. Just my guess. 🙂

    1. It’s crazy, Gordon! I looked pretty far into the “Asperger” return for my “ass burger” and found no satisfaction. It’s a scheme, I say!

  2. Tee hee. Good one. Although I really know someone who puts the “ASS” in Asperger’s! This jerk stalks people who refuse to be friends (even Facebook friends) or give a satisfactory explanation of exactly WHY the don’t want to be friends. Yes, it is just like a particular episode of “Frasier.” My acquaintance hasn’t burnt anyone’s newsstand to the ground yet; but police did respond to an incident highlighted by loud screaming, arm flailing, and hallway blocking. This person torments food service staff and retail store associates daily, demanding to know obscure, unknowable details about the items offered for sale, holding up lines of customers, making the captive employees squirm under intense interrogation. Oh yes: they are also accused of acting standoffish if they perceive personal insults (usually about their “hotness” or race) as anything but playful flirtation or camaraderie. When later asked “Didn’t you see you made her/him uncomfortable?” — ASPERGER’S SYNDROME is always provided as the excuse.

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