Last night was the quietest Fourth of July can I remember.  There were no sonic booms or bangs or bashes or even bops.

I know some cities cut their fireworks spectaculars because of the bad economy, but what was especially strange — and delightful — this year was the week before the Fourth, we didn’t have any random street bangs or echoing, shattering, block parties filled with Roman Candles and Smoky Snakes and Pinwheels… or even Sparklers.

I wonder if this lack of dramatic spectacle gave the urban citizenry a deeper appreciation for the meaning of The Fourth of July — or if there was only pouting and despair at the lack of gunpowder wafting in the air and throughout our veins?


  1. Some of my friends said the same — others said they wish they hadn’t purchased fireworks because their streets were so loud already. Kew Gardens was pretty quiet, too.

    1. I know big cities hate fireworks. They’re dangerous and unnecessary. I think the economic slowdown gave many cities the kick they needed to cut off the supply of the fireworks at the source and the cities are much better, quieter, and safer for the action. Usually you can’t get any sleep from July 1-7 because of the explosions. This year it was incredibly quiet. I hope that trend continues!

  2. I miss the sounds of this time of year and then I think of all the land we have lost due to the dryness and fires we have had all over and all the people who have lost homes and possessions. I especially think of all the animals who have lost there homes and lives. A Fourth of July holiday is the least I can sacrifice.

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